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TOP 7 Best Bow Rake (2021 Review)

If your house has a large backyard or garden, then you probably already have a rake. However, using the wrong rake can make raking tiresome and a real chore. So what exactly is a bow rake, and what is it used for? As the name suggests, a bow rake has a bow-shaped head that provides great stability and excellent spring action for heavy-duty tasks.

best bow rake Unlike traditional rakes that are used for light garden tasks, bow rakes offer greater versatility and can be used to tackle heavy garden tasks, like leveling gravel and moving heavier loads. However, with so many options available today, choosing the best bow rake is no easy task. To help you find the rake to buy, we’ve reviewed some of the top models available today.

#1 Bow Rake

Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake

Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake

Top features:

  • The rake is manufactured with thick 10 gauge steel
  • The steel head has 16 tines
  • It measures 58 inches in length


  • Resists breakages and extremely low maintenance
  • Offers more pulling power for moving soil
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Extremely comfortable to use


  • Might be too heavy for small, domestic lawns
  • Rubber grip can come off the handle

This 58-inch bow rake from Bully Tools is our number one pick. Unlike most steel heads that rust over time, this rake’s head won’t gather rust, ensuring outstanding performance for a long time. The blade features 16 teeth, making the rake capable of handling heavy tasks, like raking stones without bending.

The high-quality fiberglass handle is triple-layered to ensure durability and reliability. In simpler words, the handle is easy to use, extremely tough, and very difficult to break. The handle’s lightweight design further allows extended use without any pain. Moreover, the handle and head are designed with rubberized parts to absorb shock. This prevents stress and jarring on the back and shoulders, making the unit very comfortable to use.

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Types of bow rakes

With such a wide range of rakes available today, it can be incredibly difficult to determine the differences between them, which type is best for what, and which one you need. When it comes to lawn care and maintenance, there are three types of rakes you should consider.

Leaf rake

Arguably the most traditional rake, a leaf rake is used to gather and pick up fallen leaves. Its tines are long, thin, and spread out to pick up as many leaves as possible without causing any damage to the lawn itself.

Bow rake

A tougher and more robust rake, garden bow rakes have thick, short tines. The best-rated bow rake can easily handle soil, whether you need to spread and even it out or break it up and move it.

Shrub rake

This unit looks like a slender and more delicate leaf rake. While it is also used to gather leaves and light debris, its narrower frame enables it to be used in tighter areas, like beneath shrubbery.

The Best Bow Rake – Reviews

Don’t have time to go through the countless options to find a bow rake that best suits your needs? Don’t worry! To help you find the best bow rakes, we’ve reviewed the products we liked best. Check them out below!

The top best product [hide]

Ames Jackson Pony Bow Rake with 60" Handle

Ames Jackson Pony Bow Rake with 60
Featuring a stylish ash handle, this garden bow rake gives users an incredibly comfortable grip. Although it is a bit heavier than other fiberglass or aluminum handles, it is still much more durable and stronger. It’s equipped with a long 60-inch handle, which prevents back pain, making it ideal for tall people as well. Featuring a commercial-grade construction, this product is extremely versatile. In simpler words, it can be used for a wide range of garden applications, including spreading mulch in the lawn, breaking up soil, and raking debris, stones, and leaves. With a total of 16 tines, this rake has a forged steel head, making it ideal for all tough or heavy-duty jobs. Moreover, a steel ferrule firmly attaches the rake’s handle and head for the most robust connection. It’s also backed by a 15-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about the rake breaking any time soon.
Technical Specifications:
The rake weighs around three pounds
It has a long, 60-inch hardwood handle
Forged and tempered-steel head has 16 tines
Beautiful traditional look that offers strength
Extremely durable, reliable, and strong
Head and blade are securely attached
Shaped, tempered and formed in the USA
Wooden handle does not have a cushioned grip
Wood can split or splinter if it gets damp

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Bully Tools 92379 16" Bow Rake. 66". Fiberglass Handle

Bully Tools 92379 16
The feature that makes this USA-made garden bow rake stand out is the lifetime warranty offered by Bully Tools. The company’s confidence in its product shows that it will certainly last a long time. The 16-inch head’s incredibly tough 10-gauge steel construction further ensures durability and longevity. Moreover, welded I-beam supports firmly secure the 16 tines to the handle. Along with being lightweight and easy to use, the triple-wall fiberglass handle is also able to resist breakage. The long 66-inch handle gives users more reach for raking larger areas, without putting too much stress on their shoulders and back. Moreover, the thick shaft makes the Bully Tool rake easier to grip. However, the black rubber handle can feel a bit flimsy.
Technical Specifications:
Manufactured with thick 10-gauge steel
Steel head has 16 tines
High-strength handle designed with fiberglass
Lightweight and incredibly strong rake
Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
Enables users to cover a larger area easily
Black rubber grip can slip off during use
Heavier than other fiberglass bow rakes

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True Temper 1881600 14-Tine Bow Rake-1881600, 48 Inch

True Temper 1881600 14-Tine Bow Rake-1881600, 48 Inch
If you’re a hardworking gardener who is looking for a bow rake that will beautifully complement your efforts, then the True Temper is certainly the tool for you! Featuring a ruggedly-constructed blade, the rake provides extended durability and maximum strength. The 14 tines are capable of perfectly performing a wide range of tasks, including breaking up, spreading, and loosening soil before planting. This makes the True Temper an incredibly versatile addition to your toolset. Designed with harsh weather conditions in mind, the head resists rust and other elements that come with extended outdoor use. The high-strength handle is further constructed with hardwood, making the unit generally long-lasting. The handle is also 48 inches long, so it’s suitable for most people, while the rake’s lightweight design makes it the perfect tool for both men and women. Lastly, the steel ferrule ensures a firm connection between the handle and the head.
Technical Specifications:
Tempered and heat-treated steel head
Handle is made of fiberglass
Powder-coated head is resistant to wear and tear
Extremely easy to use
Metal construction resists rust
Lightweight and comfortable to use
Wood might crack under some occasions

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Bond Manufacturing LH006 Long-Handle Fiberglass 14-Tine Bow Rake, Red

Bond Manufacturing LH006 Long-Handle Fiberglass 14-Tine Bow Rake, Red
The Bond Manufacturing bow rake is certainly a must-have gardening tool, especially if you need to spread mulch, soil, or any other material evenly. It’s designed with a long, 60-inch fiberglass handle to give users easy control, enabling them to reach every corner. The head of the hand bow rake is unique because it’s constructed with durable, heat-treated steel. It further features sharpened edges, making the tool perfect for gathering and spreading hard-to-break dirt with minimum effort. The head is also powder-coated to protect it from harsh weather conditions and wear and tear. This rake by Bond Manufacturing weighs around 2.5 pounds, so it’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable to use as well. Lastly, it’s backed by a five-year warranty, so it will surely last you a long time.
Technical Specifications:
Tempered and heat-treated steel head
Handle is made of fiberglass
Powder-coated head is resistant to wear and tear
Penetrates tough ground with minimum effort
Ensures greater strength and a longer life
Comes with a five-year warranty
Creates extra leverage and gives better control
Handle is only connected to the rake with a small nut

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WOLF-Garten Bow Rake 1647004

WOLF-Garten Bow Rake 1647004
This incredibly versatile garden bow rake is another quality model that can be used for several different jobs in the yard or garden. It is designed with a high-end 13.8-inch head that maneuvers smoothly and swiftly during use. The head is constructed with high-quality steel, so you know you’re purchasing something that will undoubtedly last you a long time. The head is further designed with durable, heavy-duty teeth that will also last for years, even if you’re going to use the rake in a rocky garden. Moreover, the teeth are uniquely curved and wide, allowing the rake to smoothly and effortlessly pull through soil. Although it’s compatible with most handles, the hand bow rake is not equipped with a handle of its own. Unlike other long-handled rakes, the head can be easily detached from the handle, so it takes up less storage space. This feature makes the unit extremely cost-effective, as it can be used on other tools as well. Featuring a flat-top design, the WOLF-Garten is an incredibly versatile option. Along with being used for raking, it can be used for other tasks too, such as leveling gravel and seedbeds. Lastly, the head’s bow shape enhances the stability and strength of the rake.
Technical Specifications:
High quality steel head measures 13.8 inches
Flat-top design allows easy leveling of gravel and seedbeds
Wide curved teeth break through gravel and soil easily
Rake is rust-resistant
Head attaches to the handle securely
Tines are a bit sharp at the end
Handle needs to be purchased separately

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Truper 31380 Tru Pro 60-Inch 16 Teeth Forged Bow Rake, Fiberglass Handle, 10-Inch Grip

Truper 31380 Tru Pro 60-Inch 16 Teeth Forged Bow Rake, Fiberglass Handle, 10-Inch Grip
One of the best manufacturers of gardening tools, Truper uses efficient and modernized technologies to develop products that completely satisfy the needs of their customers. In the 40 years Truper has been in the industry, its name has become one of the consumer’s favorite brands in terms of value for money. And the Tru Pro perfectly backs this statement. Designed with a cushioned grip, the bow rake keeps your hands blister-free, even after a long day of raking. Its shaft is also a highly visible and bright yellow color, so you don’t lose it when working in even the thickest of weeds. The Tru Pro features a fiberglass handle to provide the optimum ratio of flexibility and resistance. The rugged handle allows users to use the tool for tough outdoor jobs. Along with being incredibly sturdy, the fiberglass handle is also lightweight to minimize operator fatigue and allow extended use. Furthermore, the heavy-gauge head is designed with 16 tines. The durability and ruggedness of the head, tines, and handle show the rake is perfect for handling rough outdoor tasks effectively. Lastly, the head can be firmly and easily attached to the handle to save time.
Technical Specifications:
Professional grade fiberglass handle is 60 inches long
6 teeth rake is suitable for rugged outdoor use
Weighs around 3.23 pounds
Provides excellent balance and control
Protective sleeve prevents splintering
Ideal for heavy-duty tasks
Comes with a lifetime warranty
Bit more costly than other models

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Gardena 3179 Combisystem 16-Inch Metal Bow Rake Head

Gardena 3179 Combisystem 16-Inch Metal Bow Rake Head
The Gardena Combisystem multi-purpose bow rake is perfect for breaking, raking, and leveling compact soil. So, if you’re looking for a tool that will help prepare your land before cultivating, then this bow rake is the perfect option for you! The head is constructed with industrial-strength metal, giving the rake unparalleled sturdiness. The 16 teeth are further curved to make gathering and raking debris, stones, leaves, and gravel effortless and smooth. The teeth are sharp too, so you can use the Gardena for breaking up the soil as well. The head can be easily attached to any standard handle and can be easily separated after use for quick and convenient storage. Unfortunately, a handle is not sold with the head and needs to be purchased separately. Lastly, the hand bow rake is backed by a 25-year warranty, so it will undoubtedly last you a long time!
Technical Specifications:
It has a working width of 41cm
Head is designed with 16 tines
Manufactured with droplets-coated, high-quality steel
Does not require any assembly
Rake is corrosion-resistant
Color and look of the head is incredibly beautiful
Tines are durable and will not break
Handle needs to be purchased separately

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Bow rake – Buying Guide

You might think a rake is only a rake, so what’s so special about highly recommended ones? The thatching rake found in big-box hardware superstores or local hardware shops are usually of poor quality, and will hardly last you more than two seasons. To ensure you don’t waste your money, there are some features and factors you should consider before you finalize your purchase. So, if you’re looking for the best bow rake to buy, make sure you take a look at these factors:

The handle of bow rake

Handles are manufactured with several different materials. Wood handles are the most common and are fairly lightweight. If used with care, they can last an extremely long time. Just make sure you look out for any potential splinters, especially if the handle gets damaged.

Aluminum handles are commonly used as well. Often collapsible, they’re incredibly lightweight and can make the rake longer or shorter. A longer handle prevents tall people from hunching over while raking, making it comfortable to use. Unfortunately, an aluminum handle is not very sturdy, and can easily bend or dent if it hits a tough obstacle.

Fiberglass handles offer both strength and weight. They’re as lightweight as aluminum handles for ease of use, but much more durable and stronger. In other words, fiberglass handles are less likely to get damaged if you drop something heavy on the landscape rake, or hit a large rock.

Steel handles are the most durable, but they’re also a bit heavier than others. They’re able to withstand the harsh elements better and can be rust resistant, too. Their extra strength further allows for more leverage when you push and pull the soil around.

The handle’s grip

The best bow rakes are specially designed with ergonomic grips to reduce stress on the shoulders and back, making them invaluable for individuals with mobility issues. If you’re going to use your rake for a long time, then a cushioned grip will make raking more comfortable and will lessen the cramping of your hands.

Raking in poor weather can often lead to users losing their grip on the handle. While this won’t injure you, it’s still better to purchase a rake with a non-slip handle. This will enable you to use it with wet or damp hands, and you won’t have to worry about dropping the rake again.

The tines of bow rake

Tines are the spikes or the teeth on the rake’s head and should be constructed with a strong metal, such as steel. Metal tines are strong enough to move rocks and other heavy debris and will last a long time if properly maintained. A curve design will further provide a springy feeling, making it easier to move large amounts of soil and debris.

The best garden rake is designed with a forged steel head, instead of hardened, cast, or stamped steel. This provides better edge and flexibility, which enhances the durability of the rake. A head that’s welded to the handle is also less likely to fall off and will provide you with more raking power. However, if the handle breaks, you’ll need to purchase a whole new rake instead of just buying a new handle.

Weight of bow rake

The biggest contributor to a bow rake’s weight is its head, and heavier-gauge steel usually means a tougher and heavier rake. The heavier a bow rake is, the quicker you’ll become fatigued when using it. However, heavier heads are less likely to vibrate and bounce when gathering and picking up gravel or other coarse debris.

Length of bow rake

The majority of bow rake handles are between 48 and 64 inches long. The best bow rake is designed with an adjustable handle, allowing users to alter the length according to different heights and jobs. Make sure you measure the other yard tools you have to determine the length of the handle that best suits your height.

Bow Rake: FAQ

What are bow rakes used for?

Since bow rakes can do more than common rakes, they can be used for heavier garden tasks, including breaking compact soil, collecting debris, and leveling mulch or compost.

Are metal rakes better than plastic ones?

Although metal rakes may rust over time, they can still be used for raking. Plastic rakes, on the other hand, are perfect for lighter tasks, but are not ideal for tougher, demanding applications.

Can wet leaves be raked?

Yes, wet leaves can be raked. Just make sure you have a sturdy, rust-resistant rake that’s designed for gathering wet leaves.

Does a fiberglass handle break easily?

No, fiberglass handles are very sturdy and durable. However, if they do break, they can be difficult to replace.

How are curved and flat tines different?

Flat tines are stronger and more suitable for heavier jobs, while curved tines are ideal for gathering debris or leaves.


There are countless bow rakes available today, and choosing one that best suits your needs can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Before you finalize your purchase, make sure you decide what you’re going to use the bow rake for. Also, remember to look at its construction to determine the rake’s durability. With the aforementioned reviews, you can easily compare the best bow rakes available today to decide which rake best suits your requirements.

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