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Top 9 Best Fertilizer for Hydrangeas (2021 Review)

Hydrangea is a bigleaf, charming, lookalike snow-ball shaped and resilient flower, for what many people like to grow this plant on their lawn or garden. There are several kinds of hydrangea available all over the world.

To get proper shaped and best form of Hydrangea, it is important to provide your lawn or garden proper nutrients. And, Fertilizer is the best artificial way to provide vitamins and nutrients to plants. Basically, you can find two types of fertilizer, organic and synthetic or inorganic.

Top 10 Best Fertilizer for Hydrangeas Usually, it is good to choose your desired fertilizer depending on your soil and plant type. Excessive fertilizing or wrong fertilizer may burn your lawn. Consequently, you should choose the best fertilizer for Hydrangea (read more).

If you are curious to know, what is the fertilizer for Hydrangeas? Then we are here to guide you to choose the best fertilizer for hydrangeas. Read the article and hopefully, you will find your answer.

#1 Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

Scotts Company 185001 Garden Pro Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

Scotts Company 185001 Garden Pro Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

This organic fertilizer is a water-soluble and an absolute bloom booster. This has got iron and other essential nutrients that help plants to grow perfectly and rich in color. It has a balance NPK 18-18-21 ratio, for it can continuously provide all nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium agents along with other components. It is not going to burn your lawn even if you over-fertilize your lawn.

It can double-feed your plants, by both roots and leaves. It helps acid-loving plants to promote vibrant colors and to bloom beautifully by making strong roots. Plants like hydrangea love fertilizers with balance NPK composition. Considering all workability and functions, this is the fertilizer for hydrangeas. It is very easy to use and 1.5 lbs. can easily feed an area of 600 sqft.

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: The Scotts Company


  • Easily water-soluble
  • Enriched with iron and other nutrients
  • Feeds through both roots and leaves
  • Promotes vibrant color and beautiful blooms
  • Works instantly and ensures strong roots
  • Good for acid-loving plants


  • Phosphorus may affect ground and surface water

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Available Fertilizers for Hydrangeas:

Fertilizers are plant booster. They provide required minerals and nutrients to soil and plants so that they can grow healthy and strong. For hydrangeas, there are several types of fertilizers available in the market. Depending on your soil and plant type, you can choose the fertilizer for St Augustine Grass. Basically, there are two types of fertilizer available for hydrangeas, organic and synthetic.

Organic Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

Organic fertilizers are the best choice for any plants and soil. They do not have any side-effects of harming issues. They provide natural nutrients and boost the plants. Fertilizers with balance NPK ratio can significantly boost up plants. Even heavy usage of these fertilizers causes no lawn burn. They can both granular or liquid in form. Fertilizers from Scotts, Epsoma, and Miracle-Gro excel this list. They are ecofriendly and non-toxic to children and pets. They also do not jeopardize the water quality and keep the soil fertile.

Synthetic Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

Synthetic or inorganic fertilizers are also a great way to remove any nutrients deficiency from both soil and plants. Synthetic fertilizers can be an instant solution for any plant. They feed plants instantly and also keeps the soil fertile. Their slow-release formula is a noteworthy characteristic. Though they are important for plants but in some cases, they can harm the environment and living beings. So, the use of synthetic fertilizers should be in limit.

Soil Amendments and Fertilizers for Hydrangeas

Useful material about fertilizers from Maryland Department of Agriculture

Best Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

Need to find the fertilizer for hydrangeas but not enough time to surf the internet? Luckily, we got the exact list from what you can find the best solution for your precious hydrangeas.

Product NameNPK RatioForm
Scotts Company 18500118-18-21Liquid
Miracle-Gro 0.02-0.02-0.02Liquid
Espoma UL30Granular
Espoma HT18 Holly ToneGranular
Bonide (BND56429)Soil AdditiveGranular
Florikan Sapphire 0-0-0Granular
Bonide Products INC 0-0-0Granular
Osmocote Granules15-9-12Granular
Miracle GRO30-10-10Powder


Product NameFertilizer TypeProduct Weight
Scotts Company 185001Organic4 lbs.
Miracle-GroOrganic4.82 lbs.
Espoma UL30Organic30 lbs.
Espoma HT18 Holly ToneOrganic18 lbs.
Bonide (BND56429)Organic2.75 lbs.
Florikan SapphireAluminum Sulfate50 lbs.
Bonide ProductsAluminum Sulfate4 lbs
Osmocote GranulesOrganic8 lbs.
Miracle GRO Organic5 lbs.

The top best product [hide]

Scotts Company 185001 Garden Pro Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

Scotts Company 185001 Garden Pro Fertilizer for Hydrangeas
Like its name, it works surprisingly well on your plants. You can see the results instantly with your very naked eyes. It helps acid-loving plants to grow properly by providing proper nutrients. It works in every type of land, and it is considered as the fertilizer for hydrangeas. This fertilizer is very easy to use. Mix 1 tablespoon with one-gallon water and just pour it. 1.5 lbs. can fertilize an area of 600 sqft. It is enough to feed this to plants every two weeks. Its natural NPK ratio makes sure of no lawn burn. All in all, this fertilizer is ideal for hydrangeas. You can buy it and watch the changes in your lawn by yourself.
Technical Specifications:
Water solubility makes it easy-to-use.
Feeds every two weeks.
Instantly feeds by both roots and leaves
1.5 lbs. can cover an area of 600 sqft.
Instant nutrients provider
Enriched with iron and other nutrients
Feeds through both roots and leaves
Promotes vibrant color and beautiful blooms
Phosphorus may affect water quality


Miracle-Gro Pour & Feed Plant Food (Liquid) for Hydrangeas

Miracle-Gro Pour & Feed Plant Food (Liquid) for Hydrangeas
This fertilizer is a great option for your plants if you are looking for an instant solution. This is a ready-mix fertilizer that you can directly apply to your indoor or outdoor plants. You can feed this to your plant every 7-14 days interval. It can be used around new plants to settle soil and roots. It is enriched with phosphorus which will make your plants robust. It can be a good fertilizer for hydrangeas if you are planning to grow them. If you are looking for fertilizer for hydrangeas which will work instantly, then this is your product.
Technical Specifications:
Liquid ready-mix easy to use fertilizer
Works instantly and makes plants healthy
Works on both indoor and outdoor plants
Ready-mix fertilizer
Instant feeds pot plants
Directly applicable to soil
May not be the best choice for in-ground plants


Espoma UL30 Organic Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

Espoma UL30 Organic Fertilizer for Hydrangeas
Soil acidifier is a completely organic fertilizer which can significantly lower the pH level and heal the soil to the optimum range. It contains all necessary nutrients elements to reduce pH and accurate alkaline problem. This fertilizer helps plants like hydrangeas and others to become bluer. All in all, it is the best solution for acidic soil and fertilizer for hydrangeas. This amazing fertilizer has got 2-in-1 characteristics, cure for problematic soil and best for hydrangeas. This is a worth fertilizer to buy.
Technical Specifications:
It helps to maintain the pH rate of the soil.
Works best as organic fertilizer.
It helps plants to become bluer.
Solves the alkaline problem.
Soil acidifier
Natural minerals container
Natural and pelletized
May works slowly depending on soil type


Espoma HT18 Holly Tone Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

Espoma HT18 Holly Tone Fertilizer for Hydrangeas
This fertilizer is formulated for all acid-loving plants to boost their growth immensely by providing natural nutrients. It has got bio-tone beneficial microbes for what, it is an ideal fertilizer for organic gardening. This is a fast-acting fertilizer and completely organic. Based on its components and functionality, this is the best natural fertilizer for hydrangeas. Like its name, it works as it is described. It can be a complete natural nutrients supplier for your hydrangea full lawn.
Technical Specifications:
Completely organic and provides natural nutrients, so no lawn burn.
Used by professionals for fast results.
Filled with bio-tone advantageous microbes.
No mixing required and ready to use
Organic gardening approved
Food for acid-loving plants
Professionally used
Price is a bit high then other fertilizer


Bonide (BND56429) - Bailey's Color Me Pink

Bonide (BND56429) - Bailey's Color Me Pink
This soil additive is a game-changer for pink hydrangeas. It is organic and easy to use. It helps to raise the soil's pH level to boost the pink color. This is not a soil substitute, yet it has all-natural nutrients to supply to hydrangeas. This additive helps to turn hydrangeas pink by keeping an ideal pH ratio. It works on high acidic soil too. This is the best organic soil additive for hydrangeas. If you aim to get a lawn filled with perfect and healthy pink hydrangeas, this soil additive is the best option.
Technical Specifications:
It helps hydrangeas to turn pink by raising the pH levels.
Supply minerals to plants.
Made under a trusted manufacturer in New York.
Works on high acidic soil
Raise soil pH level
Natural, safe for the environment and living being
Easy to use
Not a substitute to soil


Florikan Sapphire 6-Month Time Release Aluminum Sulfate Fertilizer

Florikan Sapphire 6-Month Time Release Aluminum Sulfate Fertilizer
This fertilizer is the best solution in terms of providing nutrients for a long time. It is polymer-coated and made with slow-release formula. It raises acidity levels and lower pH levels to provide healthy blue hydrangeas. Fertilizer is engineered and designed for the best outcome and maximum plant growth. It has 50 lbs. bag full of aluminum sulfate that will last for a long time. Looking for the best blue hydrangeas! Buy it and see the result by yourself. This fertilizer is surely a money worthy deal.
Technical Specifications:
Polymer coated aluminum sulfate with slow-release formula.
It provides the best blue hydrangeas.
Engineered and designed for best and maximum plant growth.
Slow-release formula
Aluminum sulfate provider
Best blue hydrangeas provider
The fertilizer price is pretty high.


Bonide Products - Aluminum Sulfate

Bonide Products - Aluminum Sulfate
This is a perfect solution to remove aluminum deficiency from both soil and plants. This lowers the pH level of soil and helps plants to grow surprisingly well blue flowers. This is a fertilizer for blue hydrangeas. This fertilizer pack is full of aluminum sulfate which works best not only for hydrangeas but also for other plants. This fertilizer is loved by all acid-loving plants. It is suitable for all soil types and more friendly to the environment, children, and pets. It is a constant aluminum sulfate releaser for a long time. If you love blue hydrangeas, this fertilizer is your best friend.
Technical Specifications:
A constant source of aluminum sulfate provider.
Lower the pH level of soil and plants to provide the best blue color flower.
The slow-release formula can feed nutrients for a long time to plants.
Designed for all types of plants and soil.
Aluminum sulfate provider
Slow-release formula
Blue color booster
May affect the color of other flowers apart from blue


Osmocote Granules Organic Plant Food for Hydrangeas

Osmocote Granules Organic Plant Food for Hydrangeas
This fertilizer is one of the best granular fertilizers available in the market. It is completely organic for what it has no lawn burn issues. It is suited for both indoor and outdoor plants. It comes with a slow-release formula that can feed nutrients to plants for up to six months. This fertilizer is enriched with eleven essential nutrients. It comes with a great NPK ratio which helps all kinds of plants. This is one of the best nutrient providers for hydrangeas. This fertilizer is a great choice for any plant. You can buy this and get the best result from your hydrangeas.
Technical Specifications:
It comes with a great environment-friendly NPK 15-9-12 ratio.
Works well on both indoor and outdoor plants.
Smart feeding technology can provide foods for up to six months.
No lawn burn issue and eco-friendly.
Smart nutrients releaser
Eleven essential nutrients
Slow-release formula
Granular type fertilizer
Phosphorus percentage may affect water quality


Miracle GRO Acid-Loving Plant Food

Miracle GRO Acid-Loving Plant Food
This fertilizer is a special one for all acid-loving plants. It can work on all types of soil with almost every flower. This fertilizer is enriched with the best natural irons and other essential nutrients that deliver outstanding deep green color flowers. This is easy to use fertilizer in powder form. The perfect NPK ratio for a higher natural nitrogen rate can boost soil ability to provide the best plants. Just use it and see the results. This can be a great fertilizer for hydrangeas. This product surely a miracle for plants. If you are looking for a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen rate, you can give it a shot.
Technical Specifications:
Fertilizer enriched with iron and other nutrients.
Deliver robust deep green flowers.
Works great on all soil types.
Iron provider
Boosts deep green color
Perfect for all soil conditions.
Wastage rate can be more than other fertilizers


Fertilizer for Hydrangeas – Buying Guide

There are different types of hydrangeas in different colors ( They are truly mesmerizing for their size and shape. To get robust hydrangeas fertilizers are very important. But it can be a difficult task to choose the right one for your lawn. Do not worry! We are here to help you out with the complete list of fertilizers for hydrangeas with their functionality and characteristics. Hope this will answer your quarries.

What Types of Fertilizers for Hydrangeas Exist?

Typically, fertilizers are two types. Organic and Synthetic. Both of them can be granular or liquid. Though choosing your fertilizers depends on your plants and soils’ requirement.

Natural Organic Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

These kinds of fertilizers are the best possible fertilizers for hydrangeas based on their non-toxicity, more plants friendly and non-lawn burning issues. Natural fertilizers are enriched with natural nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other minerals. They can be both slow and instant nutrients releaser. They increase disease resistivity and provide a healthy lawn with strong and robust plants. Some of the best natural organic fertilizers are given below with their functionality.

  • It is best to use natural liquid fertilizer for Bermuda grass. There are several liquid fertilizers for hydrangeas from different manufacturers are available in the market. Yet, fertilizers from Scotts can be the best liquid fertilizer for hydrangeas.
  • Soil additive is also a good choice to get robust hydrangeas. All the natural soil additive works with fertilizers to provide the best outcome. Among so many soil additive and if you are a pink lover then you can choose Bonide(Pink). This is a wonderful additive that works with fertilizer for pink hydrangeas.
  • Climbing hydrangeas are a wonderful ornamental plant for your lawn or garden. These plants love slow-release fertilizers. Florikan’s slow aluminum sulfate releaser can be a good fertilizer for climbing hydrangeas.

Inorganic Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

Inorganic fertilizers are also known as synthetic fertilizers. They provide instant nutrients and make plants amazing in condition. Some of these are polymer-coated, for what they can provide nutrients along with minerals for a long period what is actually a good fertilizer for climbing hydrangeas. These fertilizers have also got some disadvantages to soil and plants. Unplanned and over-fertilizing with these may often cause lawn burn issues.

Slow-release Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

This is a special type of fertilizer that is made to provide nutrients for a long time without applying fertilizer frequently. This can be both organic and synthetic.

When to Fertilize for Hydrangeas?

Fertilization is the process to remove nutrients deficiency. Yet, fertilizing depends on soil type and plant requirements. As lack of nutrients provides dull plants, overfertilizing may also damage your lawn. before fertilizing your land, it is good to test your lawn to understand what your lawn needs and what you should feed your plants.

Slow-release fertilizer can feed your lawn for a long time, but it may be not a good idea. If you consider a fast-acting quick feeding fertilizer even if it is cheaper, it may help you better. A fertilizer with NPK ratio 10-10-10 will definitely work better if you apply it twice during summer compared to slow-releasing fertilizers. But if you want to apply a slow-release chemical fertilizer, once a year is the easiest solution.

For hydrangeas, it is good to not fertilize your land after August. Fertilizing on this time may fasten new growth as winter is about to come after fall and this is the time when hydrangeas start to take preparation for dormancy.

How Often Do You Need to Fertilize for Hydrangeas?

Fertilizing your lawn may depend on the weather. If you live in warm weather, fertilizing will be different compared to cold weather.

If you are a beginner, you will not like to fertilize your hydrangeas often. It is not a good idea to fertilize your new plants with chemical fertilizer. Yet, you can use natural liquid fertilizer once a month. It can be applicable for both potted and in grounds plants.

Fast-acting fertilizers provide nutrients to the plants instantly for what you can use them more often.

Other Things You Should Keep in Mind

  • Pruning: To keep your hydrangeas in shape and for the best look, you must prune your hydrangeas.
  • Watering: It is important to keep your hydrangeas watered during hot weather and drought situations. Try to keep the moisture condition good in soil. It is good to water deeply and three times a week.
  • Selecting Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas can be many types. They are different in color and size. You should choose them based on your likings and then you should fertilize them as per their flower color.
  • Disease Control: Hydrangeas may not bloom perfectly if they are affected by fungus or if there is any nutrients deficiency. Try to figure out the problem and apply pesticides if needed or provide proper fertilizers.

Fertilizer for Hydrangeas - FAQ

How frequently I should use Scotts Company Garden Pro?

Every 2 weeks is advisable.

Can Espoma UL30 Organic Soil Acidifier Fertilizer quickly correct alkaline soil?

No, it is a biological process that requires time.

Do I need to mix water or directly pour Miracle-Gro Pour & Feed Plant Food?

You can use it directly.

What kind of fertilizer is Espoma HT18 Holly Tone?

It is an organic slow-release fertilizer with NPK 5-3-3 ratio.

How long does Bonide (BND56429) - Bailey's Color Me Pink take to turn pink?

About two weeks.

Our top pick: Scotts Company 185001 Garden Pro

Hydrangea is a care loving plant. Once you learn how to treat this plant, it is very easy to maintain. Hydrangeas are good with fertilizers having high phosphorus percentage along with other nutrients. Since it has a balance NPK 18-18-21 ratio with high phosphorus rate and all other nutrient components like iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, etc. this is indeed fertilizer for hydrangeas. It is organic and non-toxic to the environment. You can simply buy this product to get robust hydrangea.

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Hydrangea is a versatile shrub that comes with a lot of color variation. Depending on its color and soil type, you can use fertilizer according to their characteristics and functionality.

With the best fertilizer, you can get your desired lawn full of hydrangeas. Soil additives are also a great booster to hydrangeas color. A perfect hydrangea lawn is a peace of mind, to get it you can go through this article to find the according to their overall performance.

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