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Top 10 Best Fertilizer for Pumpkins (2021 Review)

Pumpkins commonly known as a vegetable item is technically a fruit item that is a member of squash species of plants. They are quite popular all over the world and used for different recipes. Aside from that, they are an important part of the culture of many countries. There are even competitions for giant pumpkins held regularly.

Top 10 Best Fertilizer for Pumpkins So, pumpkins growers better know what fertilizer to use for getting the best result. Because the fertilization process determines how the pumpkins will grow. But why use fertilizers? What benefits do they provide? What is the best fertilizer for pumpkins?

Well, plants get their nutrition from the soil. But often there is a deficit of some nutrients leading to reduced crop growth. Fertilizers provide the soil with adequate nutrients and thus boosts the growth of plants. We are here to help you pick fertilizer for pumpkins available in the market that will perfectly suit your needs.

#1 Fertilizer for Pumpkins

Wallace Organic Wonder, Soil and Plant Booster

Wallace Organic Wonder, Soil and Plant Booster

This fertilizer is a complete natural solution for the plants. This organic fertilizer is easily water-soluble and it does not hold any Genetically Modified Organisms. This is a slow-release fertilizer, which feeds plants for a long time and ensures the supply of properly balanced nutrients. It has got a perfect natural NPK 6-2-3 ratio which causes no soil burn and harm to soil and plants.
Like its name, it works miraculously to plants. It contains Mycorrhizae, which ensures massive root growth and also contains Kelp and Humates. It is super concentrated for what you can use less and get the most from your plants. Since it is 100% organic and due to its increased absorption of nutrients, this is fertilizer for tomatoes. This fertilizer is manufactured under expert’s supervision who has won the world record two times and 3 times world champion.

  • Package Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.4 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.31 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Wallace Organic Wonder


  • 100% Natural and Organic
  • No Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Slow Nutrients Release Formula
  • No Soil and Plants Burn
  • Maximum Nutrients and Water Absorption


  • Price can a bit higher than other fertilizer

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Types of Fertilizers for Pumpkins:

The type of fertilizer to use for pumpkins depends on the stage of growth they are in. So, there can be different types of fertilizers that will be best for a specific stage of plant growth. And each type will promote different kinds of growth. Which makes it difficult to choose fertilizer for pumpkins (link)

Let’s look at the type of fertilizers available for pumpkins to get a better idea about it.

Organic Fertilizers for Pumpkins

Organic fertilizers usually consist of different plant-derived matter or manure. They are natural and free of chemicals. They are great for improving the soil and ensure adequate nitrogen supply. The lack of Potassium and Phosphorous can be compensated by adding wood ash and grass clippings. Many growers prefer to prepare organic fertilizers on their own. But the downside is that it is hard to balance the nutrition ratio properly. And It will require some time to gain enough experience to understand these parameters.

Luckily, organic fertilizers are available for purchase commercially. They are produced in a controlled manner and have a proper proportion of the nutrients required. It will save you the trouble of going through several trials and errors before you get the desired result.

Synthetic Fertilizers for Pumpkins

Synthetic or Inorganic fertilizers are industrially produced fertilizers that may contain a single nutrient or multiple nutrients mixed together in a specific ratio. They are great when the soil lacks a specific nutrient or the plant requires a nutrient to be available in plenty.

Pumpkins usually need fertilizers with a Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium ratio shortly known as the NPK ratio of 5-10-5. Synthetic fertilizers have these nutrients in the correct ratio. The nutrient ratio is more important if you want to grow giant pumpkins. Because they require some specific nutrients in plenty at different stages of their growth.

The Best Fertilizer for Pumpkin

Looking for fertilizer for pumpkins but not much time on hand? Chill! We are here to help you to get fertilizer. Just check the list below and get the desired one.

Product NameNPK RatioForm
Wallace Organic Wonderr6-2-3Granular, Mycorrhizae
Jobe’s Organics Vegetable2-7-4Spikes
Wallace OrganicN/AMycorrhizae
J R Peters Inc (52064)20-20-20Water Soluble
Plant Magic6-5-5Compost Tea
Wallace Organic0.92-0.19-1.0Compost Tea
Burpee Organic Granular3-6-4Granular
Jobe’s Organics Vegetabler3-1-2Water Soluble
Miracle-Gro18-18-21Water Soluble
FoxFarm GLCMBX00066-4-4

Choosing fertilizer for pumpkins:

The top best product [hide]

Wallace Organic Wonder, Soil and Plant Booster

Wallace Organic Wonder, Soil and Plant Booster
This fertilizer is the best natural organic fertilizer for big pumpkins. It is 100% natural and organic which contains no genetically modified organisms. Its super-concentrated formula releases nutrients slowly for what it can feeds plants over a long time. Considering its functionality, this is the best fertilizer for big pumpkins. It has a wonderful NPK 6-2-3 ratio along with Mycorrhizae, Kelp and Humates what help plants to grow healthy, increase disease control and re-mineralize depleted soil. It is made under experts’ supervision with a long-term experience. All in all, this fertilizer is indeed the best choice for any farmer. If you are looking for fertilizer to grow pumpkins, this is your solution.
Technical Specifications:
It helps to decrease the mineral deficiency level in the soil.
Maximize nutrients and water absorption levels.
Natural organic and no presence of any GMOs.
100% Natural and Organic
No Genetically Modified Organisms
Slow Nutrients Release Formula
No Soil and Plants Burn
Price can a bit higher than other fertilizer


Jobe's Organics Vegetable Fertilizer for Pumpkins

Jobe's Organics Vegetable Fertilizer for Pumpkins
This fertilizer is one of the best fertilizer spikes which is completely natural and organic. It provides nourishment to roots and plants. It improves soil conditions by increasing disease resistance. It also contains proprietary micro-organisms archaea and helps to grow fast. It has good NPK 2-7-4 ratio and ensures no soil and plant burn. It is safe for children and pets. Its beneficial micro-organisms improve soil quality and increase root mass. This organic spike is the best fertilizer for growing pumpkins. This fertilizer spike can be a good help to plants. It can also be a helper to your pumpkins, give it a try to get healthy pumpkins.
Technical Specifications:
Proprietary microorganisms help to grow faster by breaking down materials.
Organic fertilizer spike nourishes soil and plants.
Increase disease and drought resistance.
NPK 2-7-4 ratio ensures safe soil and plants.
Nourishes roots
Improve soil condition
Proprietary micro-organisms
Phosphorus may affect water quality


Wallace Organic Wonder Premium Mycorrhizae

Wallace Organic Wonder Premium Mycorrhizae
This fertilizer is premium mycorrhizal fertilizer for any type of plant. It works instantly by making the most aggressive colonizing mycorrhizae agents. It helps to grow plants healthy and increase fruiting and flowering. It is completely organic and contains no genetically modified organisms. It helps to increase the yield level and improve nutrients and water efficiency. Bearing in mind its overall performance, it is the best natural fertilizer for pumpkins. It is safe for the environment, children and pets. This is the exact product if you are looking for a giant pumpkin. You can buy this and give your pumpkin the ultimate size.
Technical Specifications:
Increase fruiting and flowering with explosive root growth.
Fast-acting and completely natural organic.
It contains no Genetically Modified Organisms.
Increase water and nutrients efficiency.
Colonizing mycorrhizae
Explosive root growth
Increase water availability
Provide proprietary nutrients
Price higher than other Mycorrhizal


J R Peters Inc (52064) All Purpose Fertilizer for Pumpkins

J R Peters Inc (52064) All Purpose Fertilizer for Pumpkins
This fertilizer can be used for any purpose and enhanced with micronutrients. It is easy to use and requires no hassle. It has an all equal NPK 20-20-20 ratio to feed plants at any time. It provides optimal nutrition and delivers healthy and strong roots. It is made with maximum safety issues so that no soil or plants burn to happen. Proper use of this fertilizer can give the best plants. It is safe for the environment and a good fertilizer for blueberries. This is an easy solution for all seasons and can supply food to plants for a long time. You can buy this and be stress-free for a long time.
Technical Specifications:
To prevent soil and plants burning, the maximum safety factor has taken.
Blended with enhanced micro-nutrient agents.
Natural and easy-to-use with a spoon measuring formula.
The slow-release formula provides nutrients for up to four months.
Slow-release formula
Easy to use with measuring spoon
Enhanced with micro-nutrients
No soil and plants burn
High phosphorus percentage may damage groundwater quality


Plant Magic Plant Food Organic Fertilizer for Pumpkins

Plant Magic Plant Food Organic Fertilizer for Pumpkins
This fertilizer is the best organic plant food supplier. It is enhanced with essential micronutrients and other required ingredients. It is easy to use, just add water, mix and then use. It makes plants healthy and increases disease resistance. It is completely natural and causes no soil and plants to burn. It is safe for all soil types and plants. One bag can easily make 32 gallons fertilizer which can be used in an area of 1,000 sqft. It is totally safe for the environment, plants, children, and pets. This fertilizer is very easy to use and totally natural. This is a great help to grow pumpkins. Indeed, it is a good fertilizer for pumpkins.
Technical Specifications:
100% natural and gets easily dissolve to water.
One bag can make 32 gallons of fertilizer to cover an area of 1,000 sqft.
No soil and plants burning issue.
Presence of micro-nutrients and trace minerals.
Amazing growth and Color
Biology over chemicals
Natural and organic
Price is slightly higher than other all-purpose fertilizer


Wallace Organic Brew Compost Tea

Wallace Organic Brew Compost Tea
This natural fertilizer is a wonder like its name. it simultaneously works as a fertilizer and soil accelerator. It is suitable for any soil and plants. It helps soil by providing several organic matters along with protozoa and active bacteria fungi. This fertilizer is manufactured by the three-times world champion. It has no harsh chemicals and causes no soil burn. It is suitable for the environment and living beings. 5 gallons of quick brew can be made from one 80-gram tea bag. It is a good liquid fertilizer for any plant. You can buy it for your pumpkins to boost the growth rate.
Technical Specifications:
Completely natural organic and liquid fertilizer.
Enhance soil with active bacteria, organic matters, and protozoa.
One 80 grams tea bag can make five gallons of fertilizer.
Enhance plants growth
Active bacterial fungi and protozoa
Soil accelerator
Low in nitrogen


Burpee Organic Granular Plant Food for Pumpkins

Burpee Organic Granular Plant Food for Pumpkins
This fertilizer is an instant food provider to plants that comes with a slow nutrients release formula and provides feeds plants for up to three months. This fertilizer is totally organic and feeds throughout the season. This fertilizer is suitable for all types of vegetables and herbs. It helps plants to get healthy and strong. This can be a good natural liquid fertilizer for pumpkins. It has no soil or plants burn issue as well as harmless to the environment and children. This is a good slow-releasing fertilizer type. You can buy this to provide food for a long time.
Technical Specifications:
Beneficial micro-organisms improve soil conditions.
Made with a slow-release formula that can provide food for three months.
100% organic and can feed instantly.
Natural and organic
Beneficial microorganisms
Easy to use the granular form
May work slowly based on soil type


Jobe’s Organics Vegetable & Tomato Fertilizer

Jobe’s Organics Vegetable & Tomato Fertilizer
This fertilizer is organic and water-soluble fertilizer which can give robust vegetables. It contains proprietary microorganisms. It improves soil conditions, drought, and disease resistance and ensures plant growth. This fertilizer has an NPK 3-1-2 ratio what makes sure no harm to soil or plants. It is a good fertilizer for pumpkins. This fertilizer is very economic and can be great fertilizer for pumpkin plants.
Technical Specifications:
Natural organic and water-soluble ability.
Faster growth due to proprietary microorganisms.
10 oz box can make 30 gallons of fertilizer.
Water solubility
Proprietary microorganisms
Drought and disease resistance
Powder-water ratio can be doubtful


Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food for Pumpkins

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food for Pumpkins
This water-soluble fertilizer will be a great asset to help your pumpkins grow healthy and strong. The application is easy and promotes instant nutrient supply to the plant. Using the fertilizer as instructed will not burn your plants. So, you can rest easy and go for this. Like its name, this fertilizer works miraculously well on plants. You can buy this for your pumpkins and get the best outcome.
Technical Specifications:
Only 1 ½ tablespoon of fertilizer is required per 1 ½ gallon of water.
It can feed about 800 sqft. of land.
The instant feeding formula promotes fast growth.
Water-soluble powder
Suitable for any plants
Feeds instantly
Phosphorus may affect water quality


FoxFarm GLCMBX0006 Liquid Nutrient Soil Trio-Pints

FoxFarm GLCMBX0006 Liquid Nutrient Soil Trio-Pints
FoxFarm is offering a combination of three different liquid fertilizers to help your pumpkin throughout its growth. Using Grow Big will help your plant grow big and healthy in the initial stage. Then use Tiger Bloom at the first sign of blooming for multiple blooms and buds. Finally, use the Big Bloom throughout the growing cycle for providing the plants with proper nutrition. The properly scheduled use of these trio pints will ensure the maximum harvest of your pumpkins with minimum effort.
Technical Specifications:
Grow Big will ensure enhanced plant growth and structure.
Tiger Bloom encourages lavish bud, flower and fruit development.
Big Bloom consists of earthworm castings and bat guano, that ensures a balance of nutrients.
Separate fertilizer to suit the growth at different phases.
Maximizes the potential of every stage of growth.
Suitable for application in both hydroponic and soil.
Excessive usage may burn the plants.


Fertilizers for Pumpkins – Buying Guide

Pumpkin is a wonderful, amazing and fast-growing vine. If these plants are well maintained and fertilized properly, you can get a surprising outcome at the end of the season. You can even get a pumpkin that weighs 1000 lbs.! All you need to do is nurture your plants correctly and use the best fertilizers to your pumpkins. Choosing the best and the right fertilizer can be a hassle. Luckily, we are here to help you out by giving you a complete pumpkin care guide along with the best possible fertilizers list.

What Types of Fertilizers for Pumpkins Exist?

Pumpkins are sun-loving plants. Surprisingly, they will eat whatever you are going to provide them. But of course, the orange and lovely vegetable you are expecting depends on your fertilizing habit. Different types of fertilizers are available in the market. But basically, there are two types, Organic and Synthetic. You can use any of them depending on your soil types and your desired pumpkin types and size.

  • Organic: Organic fertilizers are literally the best for any plant. It is also safe for the environment and living beings. Most of the farmers use natural organic fertilizers to make their land fertile. Since it has no chemical, there is no chance to burn your soil and plants. There are multiple natural organic fertilizers available in the market. You can go through their characteristics and function to choose the best organic fertilizers for pumpkins. Yet, Wallace Organic Wonder is a great soil and plant booster and the best fertilizer for giant pumpkins.
    However, homemade compost fertilizer can also be a good fertilizer for pumpkins. You can make it simply by using manure, vegetable ingredients, bone, kelp meal, and other kitchen scraps. Just make sure it is properly decomposed and keep a balance among nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other major nutrients.
  • Synthetic: There are tons of chemical fertilizers are available in the market. You can choose them by reading their label as per your soil requirements. Before you buy any synthetic fertilizer, be sure about what your soil actually needs. Before you apply them, it is good to get your soil tested. Generally, you should have a good idea of the NPK ratio before you buy them. The best possible fertilizer for pumpkins can be with an NPK 5-10-5 ratio. Initially, you can fertilize your pumpkins with a fertilizer having NPK 10-5-5 ratio as nitrogen boosts pumpkins growth. Then when the flower starts to form, switch to a fertilizer with much phosphorus percentage. It will help with plentiful blossoms. And once the fruit comes out, apply fertilizer with high potassium percentage as it will help to grow healthy food.

When to Fertilize Pumpkins?

Fertilizers are very important for pumpkins. Ideally, there are two types of flower available in pumpkin plants, male and female. The male flower appears before females during July or later. Each of them needs different types of feeding. But fertilizing your pumpkins always depends on your soil condition. Although you can fertilize your land by dividing the whole season into three parts: seeding stage, flowering stage, and fruiting stage.

  1. Seeding: You should prepare your land first. Once seeding is done and new leaves come out, apply fertilizer with a high nitrogen percentage. Nitrogen will help your plants to grow fast. As pumpkins love Sun, May or June can be the best time for seeding.
  2. Flowering Stage: Pumpkin flower has two types, male and female. Male comes first usually during July or later, then comes female. It is good to use fertilizers with a high phosphorus rate as this will help flowers to grow plenty and healthy.
  3. Fruiting Stage: When the fruit starts to come, you should apply fertilizers with a high potassium rate. This helps fruits to grow healthy and robust. Do not over-fertilize your land during this time. You can use compost every two weeks to give them an extra boost.

How Often Do You Need to Fertilize Pumpkins?

Fertilizing your land completely depends on soil and plant’s need. A good and healthy pumpkin requires a good seed, best fertilizer and proper nurturing. Generally, it is enough to fertilize pumpkins once in every two weeks. But depending on every stage of pumpkins, fertilizers should be different. It is good to use organic fertilizers over synthetic as they cause no harm even on over-use. Do not over-fertilizer your land to get more production. Keep a balance among your fertilizers and maintain a cycle during fertilization.

Other Things You Should Keep in Mind

Watering: Watering your land is the most important to get a robust pumpkin. Since pumpkin is a sun-loving plant, it requires enough water to grow healthy and strong.

Location Choosing: Pumpkin plants love the sun and they need a lot of it. So, you should choose your location by keeping this information in mind. You should choose an open and sunny area to get proper pumpkins.

Weed Removal: Weed removing is necessary as they will try to consume the water from pumpkin plants. You should keep your plants clean.

Disease Control: Pumpkin may easily get affected by insects and other harmful micro agents. To get healthy and most importantly giant pumpkins, you should identify the disease and use pesticides to control the disease.

Fertilizers for Pumpkins - FAQs

Can Wallace Organic Wonder be used after planting without repotting?

Sure, it can be.

Can Jobe's Organics Fertilizer Spikes be used to treat/prevent blossom rot?

It may help to treat but you can give it a try.

Will Wallace Organic Wonder's Premium Mycorrhizal work well in a soil-less medium?

Yes, most certainly.

Does All Purpose Fertilizer contain micronutrients?

Yes, it does.

Can Plant Magic Plant Food 100% Organic Fertilizer be used in a hydroponic system?

Yes, but it may depend on the filter type you are using.

Our top pick: Wallace Organic Wonder, Soil and Plant Booster

This Wallace Organic Fertilizer has all the ingredients that good fertilizer needs. Its super-concentrated slow-releasing formula ensures nutrients over a long time. It increases the disease controlling ability of both soil and plants. Its proper natural NPK ratio causes no soil and plants to burn. It has no GMOs and its Kelp and Humates, along with Mycorrhizae improve plant growth insanely and ideal for big pumpkins. It works just like its name, WOW. All in all, this is fertilizer for pumpkins.

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Pumpkins are usually pretty large and even the smallest varieties are larger than most other vegetables out there. They are heavy feeders and will consume a load of nutrients, which explains their massive size.

They are very easy to grow with just a little help from fertilizers. With the right one, you can get a giant surprise from your tiny plants. To get your desired hearty pumpkin, you can choose the best fertilizer for you as per their functionality and characteristics.