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Top 7 Best Orchid Pots for Phalaenopsis (2021 Review)

When we think of an orchid, the image that takes shape in our head is probably that of Phalaenopsis, one of the most widespread and known species in the world (more details).

With the typical butterfly-shaped flowers and the leaves of intense green color, this orchid has all the credentials to make a good show of it in our homes.

Best Orchid Pots for Phalaenopsis The best orchid pots for phalaenopsis must be according to the plant: the roots of the orchid must have a little space available to develop; small, and not too much. Otherwise, the plant will not grow as it should.

Therefore, for each repotting, a container that is only slightly larger than the previous one should be chosen.

Even if the pot can be so that it adapts to the environment in which the orchid lives, it is preferable to choose transparent containers that allow the roots to receive sunlight.

It is these that implement chlorophyll photosynthesis in orchids, even if to a minimal extent.

#1 Pot for Phalaenopsis

YIKUSH 5.5 inch 10 Pack Orchid Clear Flower Phalaenopsis Pot

YIKUSH 5.5 inch 10 Pack Orchid Clear Flower Phalaenopsis Pot

It is one of the pots for phalaenopsis orchids that are currently present on the market. Numerous factors make this pot very useful and promote the growth of your orchid.

The growth of the orchid will be good as there are proper drainage holes present in this pot. Along with this, there are many slits that promotes the growth of the plant.

The price range in which the pot comes is also very economical. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the expenses for these pots. Apart from this, there are numerous other good qualities of these pots.

They are very sturdy and provide complete protection to your plants. In this manner, you can get the pot for your orchid that is tough. Also, these pots are going to promote the complete growth of the plant in all conditions.
Top Features

  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.7 x 4.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • hipping Weight: 13.6 ounces


  • Holes and slots are present to remove water
  • Good quality material
  • Elevation at the center to remove water
  • Airflow
  • Root system
  • Perfect size


  • Large in diameter
  • Shallow for orchids

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How to Choose an Orchid Pot for Phalaenopsis?

Before choosing a vase, it is necessary to analyze the environment in which the orchid lives.

If the environment is humid, the pot must have several small holes in order to avoid water stagnation, which can be very damaging to the roots. If the chosen vase does not have these holes, one can make holes using a drill if the material allows it. One can also use a screwdriver made incandescent in the case of thin plastic vases.

The drainage holes must not be too large. Otherwise, the roots could get into them. In this case, the plant could have difficulty feeding, and it would become challenging to repot without damaging the roots.

Opaque pots indoor plants are preferred if the orchid lives in a very sunny environment. The orchid is a plant in the undergrowth where sunlight filters but is not always present, and therefore, even if the roots love the sun, the continuous radiation could damage them.

In this case, you can move towards the material and color of your taste. In all other cases, transparent vases made of plexiglass, plastic, glass, or other material are to be preferred.

The pots for orchids in the glass must be purchased if provided with holes sufficient to promote adequate water drainage. Glass retains moisture and cannot have piercings.

It is advisable to avoid terracotta pots because the roots could infiltrate its walls and cause them to crumble.

If the orchid is present in a particular environment or you want to embellish it with a vase with a refined design, you can put it in a transparent plastic jar to be there in one of your tastes. In this way, it will always be possible to check the roots and the state of the soil.


Orchid Care and Repotting

The Best Orchid Pots for Phalaenopsis

Being plants of incredible beauty, orchids can be easy to care for with little attention and do not infrequently flourish if they find the right environment. They are always considered a messenger of love and passion and a tribute to female beauty., though it also carries other meanings.

The flowers remain attractive for a long period of time and are, therefore, a splendid tribute even to those who are no longer young. For their elegance, they express esteem, respect, and consideration for the roles achieved in life.

In Japanese culture, orchids are a flower of spirituality, peace, and knowledge and are recommended for places of study and work.

So, if you are tired of finding pots and fed up with the numerous types of pots available in the market, you have landed at the right place. Here, we will help you in finding the pots for orchids.

Here is the list of pots for your orchids that you can consider before buying a one. However, if you are short on time, just check out our product table below to know about the best pots orchid pots for phalaenopsis.

TRENDSPOT 5IN Orchid Pot Square

TRENDSPOT 5IN Orchid Pot Square
The pot is a unique creation which keeps the structure and nature of orchids in consideration. Orchid plants require a lot of aeration and light for proper growth. Therefore, this pot presents the right condition for your orchid plant to grow. The color of the pot is distinctive so that it can go well with the décor of your home. Moreover, there is also the presence of a saucer in order to protect the surface and also avoid any type of spoilage.
Technical Specifications:
There is an attached saucer present in this pot.
It will help to reduce water run-off.
The quality is trustable for 46 years.
The pot is handmade, thus providing higher quality.
They have a reasonable price
They come in a perfect size
Rustic finish and suitable orchid design
May have rough work

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Coisound 1688 Orchid Breathable Slotted Clear Plastic Pot

Coisound 1688 Orchid Breathable Slotted Clear Plastic Pot
This pot provides the conditions needed in order to provide excellent growth for your plant. The build and the structure of the pot presents the right water-absorbing conditions for your plant. Moreover, with the correct aeration is also present. There also comes a set of ten butterflies that you can use to decorate your plant. It provides ideal conditions for the growth of all types of orchids. The structures of these pots for cactus are present, keeping even the drainage conditions under consideration.
Technical Specifications:
It has water-absorbing quality
There is the presence of excellent drainage
Provides complete aeration to your plant
Excellent growth conditions for orchids
Butterfly clips
Beautiful designs creation
Sturdy plastic
Drainage enabled
Variety available
Lesser number of holes present

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Mkono Plastic Planter Pot for Phalaenopsis

Mkono Plastic Planter Pot for Phalaenopsis
There has never been such an enhancement in the designing of pots. There are two pots present in this one. They include the inner pot and the outer one. There is a locking system present in the setups. Here, you can lock the pots with each other, as well. The lip sizes of these pots make them easy to move and provide them with excellent portability. Numerous features make these pots an excellent choice. This pot has a root control and double-layered design. It is also decorative. So, you can keep them at your home for decorative purposes.
Technical Specifications:
Nutrient and water uptake are enabled and enhanced.
They have a special design for orchids.
Proper root and plant control design.
They are two sets of pots: outer and Inner.
The structure is of high-quality material.
Good quality
Good value
Ceramic material
No saucers available

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Meshpot Clear Plastic Orchid Pots with Holes

Meshpot Clear Plastic Orchid Pots with Holes
The product lies among some of the best quality material pots. It means that the material strength is durable and will last for up to ten years. Moreover, the build of the pot is done in such a way that it allows your plant grow in the right direction. The excellent amount of airflow that is present in this pot provides complete plant aeration, as well. One of the key elements of this pot is the exclusive air column, which will let the roots of your plant breathe well. Therefore, with this, you will get the best product with the latest upgrades on the market.
Technical Specifications:
It has good and durable material
Maintains good airflow
The exclusive air column present in the pot
They come in a perfect size
Sturdy material
Allow the plant to grow and drain properly
Small Lip Size
Smaller diameter

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Flower Orchid Planter for Phalaenopsis

Flower Orchid Planter for Phalaenopsis
These orchid pots are perfect and have a soil-based working. The height of the pot is 7" and the diameter is about 8". There is an excellent drainage facility that is present in the pot. Hence, this ensures that there is a healthy root development in the plant. The movement of the air inside the pot is also kept in mind. Orchids require an ample amount of airflow. Without complete and proper airflow, there are numerous instances when the growth of the plant hampers badly. In addition to this, the plant has a heat resistant design. Therefore, the orchids are going to get the suitable amount of temperature.
Technical Specifications:
Soil-based working
Proper air movement within the pot
Heat resistant and durable material
No harm if contact with food is made
Heat resistant
Complete aeration
They sometimes get stuck together

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Carousel Orchid Pot for Phalaenopsis

Carousel Orchid Pot for Phalaenopsis
These pots have a simple and unique design. The structure that is present in the pots ensure the proper growth of the plant. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to carry. Hence, you can move your plant to whatever place you want to keep them. The overall build of the pots is sturdy and durable. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the breakage of the pots in any way. The development of the roots can be visible from within the pots, as well. Therefore, it is easy to trace the development of the plant.
Technical Specifications:
They have a simple design
Provides good and suitable conditions for orchids
Superior product quality
Simple design
Provides good and suitable condition for orchids
Superior product quality
Proper aeration is not present
The structure is small

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8" Self Watering Orchid Planter for Phalaenopsis

This round platter by HB Services is ideal for beginners. Easy to assemble and use, this pot can easily be filled with water and is perfect for growing orchids. This round planter pot has a self-watering feature that is built-in into the body of the pot. The pot has hollow legs that allow soil to naturally draw moisture. It also keeps the plant above water at the same time. The self-aerating and high drainage system of the pot minimize the risks of mold and fungal growth. What's more, the pot offers significant space to the roots in order to let them grow. This pot also comes with an easy-to-use clip-on watering attachment that will make watering your plants easy.

Furthermore, this pot features studs on the bottom that will lift the entire pot away from your carpet or floor. Since this pot features a smooth, glass finish and is made of UV resonant pigment and 100% UV stabilized plastic, you can use the pot for both indoor as well as outdoor use. Also, it is 100% BPA-free. This pot is also made from UV stabilized polypropylene (PP) plastic, which makes it safe and ensures it does not leak chemicals into soil or water. In addition to this, it doesn't become brittle under the sun. You don't even have to worry about it becoming patchy or being faded.
Technical Specifications:
Resistant to mold, fungus, and rot
Integrated self-watering feature
UV resistant pigment
Easy to fill
No overflow
Resistant to mold, fungus, and rot
Integrated self-watering feature
UV resistant pigment
TMade up of plastic

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Orchid Pots for Phalaenopsis – Buying Guide

From a botanical point of view, no plant bears the name of orchid. There is instead the family of Orchidaceae, which includes several genera, thousands of species, and an incredibly large number of hybrids. Many orchids have special needs.

They can be difficult plants to grow even in specialized greenhouses, while others can live indoors. Therefore, they require special conditions in the pots in which you are going to keep them.

These are some of the things that you must keep in consideration when choosing pots for your orchids

The material of the Pots for Phalaenopsis

For terrestrial orchids, standard terracotta or plastic pots for strawberries will be beautiful for epiphytic orchids, but baskets of galvanized wire, wood, or bamboo will be more suitable. These allow the roots to come out in search of moisture and nourishment.

A clear plastic vase is an excellent solution to contain an orchid plant. This solution allows the right brightness to the roots of the plant, a fundamental element for correct and luxuriant development.

Color of the Pots for Phalaenopsis

Now, when it comes to choosing between the color of the pots, there are multiple factors to consider. First, if you are choosing a pot for your home, you can select the pot according to the decor of your home.

Furthermore, if you choose brightly-colored pots, they will absorb less heat than darker ones. Therefore, choose them according to your requirements.

You can also choose colorless or transparent pots.

The essential aspect that makes transparent vessels particularly suitable is that it allows you to easily observe the state of the root system and any problems that may arise.

It is good to remember that the roots need light, but they do not like direct sunlight, which could cause rather dangerous burns.

Weight of the Pots for Phalaenopsis

One of the key factors that you must keep in mind is the weight of the orchid pot. If the weight of the pot is light, then you will face comfort in moving it. Therefore, when you feel like changing the location of the pot, you can do it easily.

However, if you are choosing a heavy material, you can face a lot of problems while moving it to different places.

Temperature of Pots for Phalaenopsis

If you want to grow orchids in your apartment, you must make a choice based mainly on the temperature requirements of the plant. Therefore, exclude those bred in hot greenhouses that require very high temperatures and humidity.

Instead, look for orchids raised in temperate greenhouses. You must also choose pots that maintain the right amount of temperature throughout. The pot must meet the level of temperature required by the orchid.

The most suitable type consists of opaque or transparent plastic containers; these pots for allow better illumination and perspiration of the roots.

These are the things that you must keep in mind when choosing the right pot for your orchid.

Growing the Best Phalaenopsis

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Orchid Pots for Phalaenopsis - FAQs

If the outer pot is solid, does it make the inside pot breathable?

Yes. The designs of the pot are in such a manner that proper aeration is there for the plant. The outer container is made sturdy in order to protect the plant. Therefore, you need not worry about the growth of the plant.

What are the benefits of buying portable pots?

There are ample benefits to choosing portable pots. Firstly, if you are cleaning up your home, you can move them to any place you want. Also, the risk of portable pots breaking from your handling is low.

How to choose the color of the pots?

You must choose the color that goes well with your home decor. It must also be matching with the color of the flower.

What are the benefits of saucers?

Saucers do not allow extra water to flow out. Therefore, it prevents water from spilling.

What are the benefits of drainage holes?

Drainage holes prevent waterlogging.


These are all of the products with their respective pros and cons. You can choose for yourself which one will suit you the best. You must decide as to which product meets all your requirements and needs.

Hence, skim through these products. Decide and observe the factors in which you will be keeping your plant. These pots offer numerous advantages as they will ensure the proper growth of your plant.

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