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Top 7 Best Pot for Aloe Vera (2021 Review)

Aloe Vera is a type of succulent belonging to the Aloe genus. It is an evergreen plant that originated in the Arabian Peninsula but it grows very well in any tropical environment with the semi-arid condition.

Aloes are predominantly found in Asia and North Africa. The succulents have a glowing, deep green hue that is erect with a dense rosette.

Best Pot for Aloe Vera There are various uses of the Aloe Vera, all thanks to its medicinal properties. You can consume Aloe Vera, or use it as skin product in many cosmetics, skin lotions or any kind of ointments.

The humble Aloe is a wonder plant that has been used in many cultures around the world for medicinal properties and has over five hundred varieties, some of which are even flowering.

This plant is also extremely beautiful, and you can keep it simply for decoration by keeping it indoors with partial sunlight.

Keeping an aloe plant in the house can save you in a stitch when you get a skin burn or cut. But how do you take care of a plant that has so many uses? The first thing you need to start is the best pot for Aloe Vera.

#1 Pots for Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Plant Planter Container with Drainage Hole

Aloe Vera Plant Planter Container with Drainage Hole

Most plants that you buy at the store will come home with you in a plastic container. These are cheap and commercial variety and release toxic chemicals in the soil. If you keep the Aloe inside this for a very long time, you will not have a thriving plant for very long.

Aloe Vera plant care problems will start unless you transplant the plant to a proper pot in which it can grow for years. And after carefully analyzing all the plants, we have come to the understanding that this is a good product and fits the requirements that an Aloe plant needs to grow.

Aloe Vera prefers wider containers, so this is the best pot for aloe if you have a middle-sized plant that needs some room for growing. This cement pot is a great starter pack and can fit the plant right in from the plastic container as there are no harmful chemicals.

But be sure to sterilize the pot with non-bleaching disinfectant to make sure you have no contamination mixing in the soil.

Technical Specifications
The pot is pretty big with a 5-inch diameter and you can fit in a lot of variety of plants, not just Aloe. If you have a couple of tiny succulents, you can decorate them in a single pot. It is also ideal for snake plants and cactus and herbs.

There is no soil or plant included in the plant, it is just the pot that you get in the kit.

These planters have a contrasted look with a grey and white décor. The elegance of a multi-role planter can suit the elegance of your dining hall or patio.

They are extremely sturdy made with double concrete material and have some drainage holes dug in the bottom which will keep the plant protected from overwatering. The cement quality is great, and the material is thick, so it can handle some rough handling and can be delivered to you very safely.

You can even contact the seller if there is an issue with the product.

  • Perfect Indoor Planters.
  • Adds a lot of character to the scheme of your room. It looks wonderful with decorated succulents, herbs or cactus anywhere you put it.
  • It can be very sturdy so you can move it around the room whenever you want to without risking any damage.
  • The pot is quite large and is a great deal at the price range, so if you want a pot that fits all the characteristics of growing Aloe in a budget, this could be a good choice.
  • It lasts for a very long time.


  • It is very heavy as the material is solid concrete, so moving it around can be difficult.

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Pots For Planting Aloe Vera

Choosing the best pots for Aloe Vera will not only give you the right base and decide what kind of look you are going for but also make sure the plant has enough room to grow in and sustain itself in the long run. The right material for the best pot for Aloe Vera is, therefore, of the utmost importance when selecting what kind of pot to buy.

Plastic Pots for Aloe Vera

Aloe plants are normally light, so the flexibility of plastic pots will allow you to move things around really easily if you want to change the location of the plant during the summer when it needs more sunlight. Or even move it indoors when you want in the winters, or just to spruce up the tabletop.

Terracotta Pots for Aloe Vera

A terracotta pot will protect the plant roots from getting soggy and prevent mold and fungus. Terracotta pots for orchids come in various sizes, and you can get really cute designs on Amazon that will suit the décor of your home no matter where you keep it.

The only disadvantage of terracotta is that they can break down in a couple of years due to being constantly wet, which compromises the structural integrity of the pot. However, this should not be a problem with succulents or Aloe because they do not need a lot of watering.

Ceramic Pots for Aloe Vera

These pots usually come with a coat of waterproof material which makes it somewhat resistant to water damage. They also have drainage holes at the bottom so your Aloe can freely grow. If you are more concerned with the aesthetics of the pots for indoor plants rather than movement and flexibility, ceramic pots will be your top choice.

Beneficial features Aloe Vera

We recommend reading the article on the beneficial properties of aloe vera

The top best product [hide]

Mkono Plastic Planters for Aloe Vera

Mkono Plastic Planters for Aloe Vera
The Mkono pot for aloe vera plant has a very minimalistic design which we love. The color finishing is matte-classic, and the exterior has a rounded shape that looks delicate and soft. Overall, the pot is beautifully stylish and can be ideal for any plants that you want to keep in your office or home.

The outside layer is glossy, so even if it gets dirty while handling or transferring plants, it will not stain. Ultimately, we think this is a good choice for gifting and decorating.
It’s made of eco-friendly material and is super light. The polypropylene is very strong and elegant looking so the plant can last a long time through a lot of wear and tear.
It comes in a set of five, so you have the option to plan out a mini garden with these planters using various types of plants. The plants are not included in the pack.
There is a drilled hole in the bottom for proper drainage and it even has removable plugs that will come in handy if you want to keep the plant somewhere hung up without any protective saucer underneath it.
The planters are larger than described. So, hold on to buying the plant unless you know the size of the planter.

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Round Modern Ceramic Garden Pots for Aloe Vera

Round Modern Ceramic Garden Pots for Aloe Vera
These aloe vera pots come in a set of 3 and have a ribbed outside that creates a wonderful look with different colored plants. The drainage hole is pre-included. The pots are fairly large at 6.7 inches diameter, so you can use it for pretty big sized Aloes. The inside and outside of the plant are made of glazed ceramic therefore there is no possibility that it will break or get chipped.
Shipping is fast and the company provides safe packaging.
It comes in a set of three, so it is great for growing herbs too.
The wooden saucer collects water drip, keeping the furniture surface and windowsill dry.
The pots might have a minor imperfection, and this might be an issue with quality control.

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Small White Planter with Silver Diamonds

Small White Planter with Silver Diamonds
These planters are a bit smaller than the previous two options, with only 6 inches diameter. But they are still perfect for growing many kinds of succulents. The design is very attractive, and the diamond pattern is even and nicely crafted. The best thing about this kit is that it comes with pebbles for decoration. After you plant the Aloe, you can cover the dirt with the pebbles and have a gorgeous looking gift for anyone.
Ceramic is very good quality and looks like it will last a lifetime.
Comes with pebbles for decoration.
Beautiful and could also accommodate succulents well.
Be careful to not underestimate the size. The plant should match the container.

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Mkono 6.5 Inch Plastic Planters Indoor Pots

Mkono 6.5 Inch Plastic Planters Indoor Pots
This is another amazing product from the Mkono brand. It is made of the same matte classic material with a soft outside finish that can give a stylish look to the product. There is a glossy finish on the inside, so cleaning will be a breeze.
The material is made of eco-friendly stuff and is completely lightweight.
The planters have removable plugs at the bottom, so if you want to use it for any plant which needs a lot of water you can just plug the drainage hole. This will work even if you are placing the pot on a surface you need to be mess-free. Just make sure if you are planning succulents that you put very little water that will not suffocate the plant.
It comes in a set of five, so you can plant a lot of different types of flowers and herbs and succulents. Give it your twist.succulents well.
Plastic is great if the summers are hot and there is low humidity.
The planter is made of plastic, so try not to let pots for Aloe Vera get overheated by keeping under the hot sun in the summer. That will compromise the integrity of the pot and you will not be able to use it for very long.

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Bioexcel Flower Planter for Aloe Vera

Bioexcel Flower Planter for Aloe Vera
These planters are available in two different colors: black and white to give you the perfect yin and yang combination. The planters are elegant and will brighten up your living space.
Both of the planters have drainage holes for maximum water circulation that will keep the plants healthy and growing.
You can arrange the colors around the house and make bouquets of succulents because of how accommodating the wide tops are. And as we discussed, wide top planters are great for Aloe.
These pots need minimum upkeep and will keep for a long time due to how durable the material is.
Some of the planters have had quality issues and the paint quality can feel bad. However, contact the customer care immediately if that happens and get it replaced or refunded. This seems to be a rare issue with customers.

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Santino Pots for Aloe Vera

Santino Pots for Aloe Vera
Made of plastic, this self-watering pot from Santino is very useful for you if you are someone with a busy schedule. There are 2 layers in this pot – the outer pot acts as a water reservoir, while the inner pot houses the soil and the plant. There is a plug at the bottom, which serves the purpose of the drainage outlet. The outer pot can store water, equivalent to 4 weeks of self-watering.
Self-watering capacity for 4 weeks which can be helpful if you are a forgetful owner.
Optimal air circulation technology helps the plant grow faster.
Water drainage could be better, the soil turns soggy to a certain extent.
This does not come with the moisture regulator cartridge and clear window view.

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How to plant Aloe Vera in a pot:

Velener Mini - Artificial Plants Aloe with Pots

Velener Mini - Artificial Plants Aloe with Pots
Succulents need a small pot for jade plants, so if you are going shopping for a plant then get one that fits the size of the plant you are planning to buy. Or at least buy the pot first so you know which size pot is good for you. A good rule of thumb is, the root of the plant should be taking up 2/3rd of the container. At 4.7 inches diameter, this makes it perfect for most Aloe plants.
These pots have drainage holes prebuilt at the bottom, which is adequate for drainage.
The glazed or unglazed pots also have a great quality which makes it ideal for tropical weather conditions.
They can soak in a lot of the moisture, so even if you are prone to overwatering the plants, the pots can soak in some of the moisture which remains in the soil even after most of it has drained.
None that comes to mind.

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Pots for Aloe Vera – Buying Guide

Every pot that is fit to grow succulents needs to have certain qualities.

Aloe Vera Pot Size

The reason why Aloe is tightly packed in the plant is that it needs much less soil. Because the more soil you have, the better are its water-retaining properties. This keeps the roots wet, which means it is very difficult to avoid overwatering. This will eventually make the plant sick. So, the size of the plant is something you should be watching out for.

Aloe Vera Pot Depth

The second thing you should focus on is the width and not too much depth. The roots of the Aloe grow horizontally and not vertical to the soil. It does not get very deep; therefore, the pot also does not need to be that deep. The answer to how fast does Aloe Vera grows – depends on that.

Get a planter that has a wide enough area so the plant can grow easily in the shallow surface. In deeper pots, the root will not reach the bottom of the plant and there will be the need to put in more soil than usual.

Aloe Vera Pot Drainage

Your pot should have a good drainage system. If it does not, then water will keep building in the roots and the pot will be wet most of the time, damaging the plant. You should also know that in the summer and spring, the Aloe plant needs more water than usual whereas, in the winter the watering should be less frequent as the plant is resting.

You need to adjust the watering schedule accordingly. The best soil for Aloe Vera should be porous that allows drainage.

Type Pots for Aloe Vera

For humid, tropical climate terracotta or concrete is the best option. If the winters are freezing, then glazed ceramic should be your choice because this material does not soak in water and get cracked when the temperature falls below zero. Repotting aloe vera should also be done with these factors in mind.

The Best Pots for Aloe Vera Plants

There are so many factors that need careful consideration while choosing the pots for Aloe Vera. Understandably, you may not be able to go through each of them in detail, so here is a brief highlight with the pots that do fit this category.

Growing Aloe Vera

We recommend reading a useful article about growing aloe vera

Pots for Aloe Vera plants - FAQs

How much should I water my Aloe plant?

Before you water your Aloe plant, you must ensure that the pot has a proper drainage system, so that the soil does not turn soggy. Over-wet and damp soil are detrimental to the Aloe plant since these require very less water. You should ideally water your Aloe plant, once every 2-4 weeks. Take proper notes that the soil is dried up before you start watering it again.

Are Aloe Vera plants poisonous?

Aloe Vera plants should not be consumed, because they are poisonous and not fit for ingestion. They should only be used on the skin surface for treatment purposes.

Do Aloe Vera plants flower/bloom?

Aloe Vera plants could at times, bloom. At times, they form thin sprouts which measure anywhere between 12 and 18 inches high, with small buds flowering out of them. You need not be alarmed if your Aloe plant has not bloomed. However, if it does, make sure to cover it up because they could end up secreting sap.

Some of the stalks have shriveled up and died. Can I remove them?

If some of the stalks in your Aloe plant is shriveling up, the first thing to take note of is it could be because of under-watering. The next thing to do is, to remove them. As is the case with every plant, the living part tries to revive this dead part of the plant and wastes valuable energy in the process. You should remove the shriveled-up stalks, but care should be taken to ensure that you remove it as close as possible to the center stalk without harming it in any way.

The leaves on my Aloe Vera plant seem droopy. What should I do?

There is a high probability that this happened because of under or overwatering the plant or a faulty drainage function of the pot. You should ideally water the plant once every 2-4 weeks and ensure that the pot has good drainage holes in it to avoid water stagnation.


Aloe vera plants cannot survive too cold conditions, so there must always be partial sunlight no matter where you are keeping it. Otherwise, the plant will quickly become stunted and stop growing, or even become susceptible to rot.

However, being lightweight, plastic pots are not advisable for keeping in places where there is a lot of wind that can topple the plant. Drainage holes are already built into plastic holes but keep in mind that it may not be enough to drain the water logging completely. You might need to cut holes to the side of the container in case the soil is not completely draining.

Cement pots are sturdily built and can be great for Aloe plants. But the problem with these pots is that they tend to get very heavy. So, if you want a lot of flexibility that will not be available. The best pot for Aloe Vera plant should have these qualities to make sure you have a healthy, growing succulent.

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