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Top 10 Best Pots For Orchids (2021 Review)

Over a hundred million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, these colorful, magnificent flowering plants were everywhere. The orchids survived through years of evolution and flourished in the most adverse conditions. These plants have adapted to stay alive in every kind of environment since then, rest for Antarctica.

Whether you live in a rainforest, a tropical paradise, mountains or the grasslands, there is a right orchid for you out there amongst the 35000 different species that exist on the planet today.

Best Pots For Orchids There is no limit to what you can do to decorate with these beautiful plants, but we have some pointers on how to start growing these gorgeous plants. And our first stop would be to start with selecting the right best pot for orchids. In this article, we will explore the best pots for orchids. Let’s get started.

#1 Orchid Pot

Mkono 7 Inch Plastic Orchid Pots Set

Mkono 7 Inch Plastic Orchid Pots Set

These planters are double layered. The outside planter has a beautiful solid finish in white matte color. The inner pot, however, is transparent and fits perfectly inside the outer container.

These planters have holes in both the outer and inner containers, so there is no chance that you will end up overwatering the plant. The inner pot allows the roots to be ventilated and has been designed with slits that give the roots sunlight and air.

The outer pot keeps the soil hidden, so if you wanted to place the plant somewhere near your living room, you can have a beautiful décor.

The planter gives a lot of aeration to the roots of the plant, which helps the orchid’s ability to collect more water and nutrients from the soil. This is the key to having a thriving plant. The inside planter also helps keep the root dry which is necessary for orchids to have a natural pruning effect. This way, the roots do not circulate inside the pot and become tangled or suffocated.

People who have used the planters usually reported that their orchids have been growing nicely, so the planters are doing the job right. They are good quality planters for the price and have a plain and sleek look which will go with the inside or outside garden in your home.

Technical specifications
The set has two sets of each planter, so a total of four planters. And every set of the planter has a saucer. So, there are six pieces in the whole pack. The outer container stands 4.5 inches tall and the diameter has 4 inches of wideness. All this makes it the best pot for orchids.

  • Good quality planters. These will keep orchids in good health.
  • The design goes with any kind of décor.


  • You cannot buy the pots separately.
  • The inside pot should have a few more ventilation holes.

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How Do I Pick Pot For An Orchid?

There are many varieties of planters and orchid pots for phalaenopsis you can find in the store or online. But not every pot is suitable for orchids. You must understand some basic things about growing orchids, they are not like other garden variety plants that you can stick in any pots and call it a day.

Ever seen orchids growing on trees, hanging in the air with their roots exposed? The reason for that is, orchids love some sunlight and air on their roots. The roots even soak in some moisture from the air and help in photosynthesis. So, we need pots that have the first basic quality in pots for growing orchids, some exposure for the roots.

You can find pot for orchids that fit the category in all sorts of materials like glass, clear plastic, and terracotta. Glass orchid pots tend to be heavier than normal plastic pots and are more expensive, but they do look good.

Plastic pots for African Violets can be made of net mesh which is inexpensive but not that stylish. Wooden pots look classy and fit the requirements for the orchids. Ceramic and terra cotta can also fit this category if there are holes cut out to the sides that provide good exposure, however, they are not that clear, and may not be suitable for every type of orchid.


Growing orchids indoors

The Best Pots for Orchids

Becoming an expert gardener needs a lot of research and understanding, but if you are short of time and don’t want to go through all that – we have compiled a list of best pots for growing orchids that meet the guidelines in this article and offer the right features for your orchids.

The top best product [hide]

rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot

rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot
The rePotme is a complete package for orchid care. It comes with 8 pots in a single package, so you will have no trouble tending to the orchid starting from a sapling to a full-grown plant. Two pots are of 3 inches, two of 4 inches, 2 five and 2 six inches in diameter.

This is also perfect for anyone who wants to grow a lot of varieties of orchids. The pots will be perfect for the growing phase of any African violets, succulents, or orchids. You can even use them for any other plant if you like. However, make sure you understand the water requirement of that plant because the pot for orchids comes with many slits that help drain water quickly so the roots of the plans can have proper ventilation and water.
The pots are available in a clear plastic color, so you can monitor if the root system of the plant is growing too much for the current sized pot it is in, as that would mean it’s time for repotting.
These fit perfectly inside a solid pot in case you want the water to drain easily, or you can put them on a saucer.
The slots are perfectly sized so none of your growing media will get leaked out of the pot.
The plastic quality is very good according to people who have used it, and not flimsy as expected of some plastic pots. They allow easy monitoring of the roots.
The plastic is UV protected so the root system will not be damaged or harmed by harsh sunlight.
They are quite cheap. You can have the convenience of getting every size of pot they need to grow orchid in a single pack.
The 3-inch pot has been reported to be too small, so it is not as useful.

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YIKUSH 5.5 inch 10 Pack Orchid Pot

YIKUSH 5.5 inch 10 Pack Orchid Pot
This is a very popular option amongst orchid enthusiasts because of how affordable the pack is. This is all you need to have a legion of orchid plants growing in your backyard or hanging from the ceilings giving your home the elegant look you always dreamed of. There are a lot of drainage holes in the pot which will make sure there is never any waterlogging that can harm the roots and that there is plenty of air passage between the roots. The clear plastic also allows bountiful sunshine to sneak in which will give the plant all it needs to bounce and grow. These are also ideal for repotting whenever you need to quickly change your orchid to a bigger container.

The design of the planter looks and works very nicely with orchid bark or moss. You can put the clear planter inside a fancy, designer planter if you want to play around with the visuals. The only issue with the pot is that it does not have a lot of heft to it. So, while it is perfect for repotting or hanging, it does not have the strength needed to keep the plants upright when the orchid is in the blooming season and becomes heavier on the top. You can put it inside another pot which will make sure the whole installation stays upright if you want to keep it on the ground or windowsill.
The shipment is very fast which is commendable.
The plastic is not heavy but is very sturdy and not flimsy like most garden variety plastic pots.
The side slotting of the pot allows the plant to have enough air circulation to keep the roots happy.
The slots are plenty but designed well so the growing medium will not slip out through the slots.
The holes are cut by machines, so some of the pots have this manufacturing defect where you can see slots were cut halfway but not completely. You can return the pots if this is the case for you, and get it replaced with the right quality products.

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Mkono Plastic Orchid Planter

Mkono Plastic Orchid Planter
The Mkono pot is designed efficiently that will allow for the maximum intake of nutrients and water. This will provide the orchid with ideal aerobic conditions that will keep the plant growing healthily. These plants are perfect for orchid varieties like Orchid, Dendrobium, Cattleya. However, you can also put other plants in it. The slots in the planter allow root to grow laterally and get evenly distributed so air can flow freely through the roots and stop them from circling and getting tangled. The plastic is very high quality and it is sturdy. The only issue is that it may not be heavy enough to keep some of the orchids up.
High-quality plastic.
Improves the health of the plant by providing ideal air circulation.
These pots are very fast to drain, and whereas that might be good news for the plant, if you are not careful with watering you will end up creating a lot of mess. Use a catch tray to protect your carpet.
There is a leaf sticker that comes off and that makes the look of the pot change completely. The looks of the pot could be improved.

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Orchid Pots with Holes

Orchid Pots with Holes
This is one of the most popular pots for orchid farmers because of how cheap and affordable they are. They will give you everything needed for an orchid to grow. The plastic container has slots that allow for perfect drainage and enough air to pass through the root so it could be dried between watering. The plastic is high quality and durable so you can use these pots for repotting or use them separately for permanently keeping it in for a long time. You can have moss or orchid bark in this pot. This could even fit perfectly inside a pot that is much more decorating than clear plastic if you want a fancy look. The plastic is thin and does not have a lot of weight, so you need to make it heavier by keeping rocks under it.
The build quality is good.
Design is sleek and lights so perfect for hanging and repotting.
The plastic holes are sometimes not cut perfectly, so you either have to cut the holes by yourself or return it to get a correct pot from the seller.

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coMarket Round Clear Plastic Pot for Orchids

coMarket Round Clear Plastic Pot for Orchids
The comarket is a reputed brand and these pots are perfect for repotting. There are a lot of drainage holes in the pot which will make sure there is never any waterlogging that can harm the roots and that there is plenty of air passage between the roots. The clear plastic also allows bountiful sunshine to sneak in which will give the plant all it needs to bounce and grow. These are also ideal for repotting whenever you need to quickly change your orchid to a bigger container. You can fit African violets or orchids in these. The roots of your plant will receive optimum nutrients, moisture, sunlight and air in these pots. You can spruce up the look by putting this inside a quality container that looks good with your décor.
The quality of plastic is very nice, and it is also UV protected so the roots will stay healthy.
These are very inexpensive and come in bulk. It can be used to hang or inside aesthetic planters for an enhanced effect.
The product could be smaller than the mentioned size.
The pots are not completely clear, but more frosted. So, if you are looking for see-through plastic, this is not the right pot.

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Orchid Pot with Saucer White

Orchid Pot with Saucer White
This pot is carefully crafted with a four-leaf clover design that looks elegant in any setting and style of interior. It comes with a saucer that will catch drips from the watering and protect the surface where you are planning to keep it. Since the design of the pot is so unique, and the drainage and aeration holes are bigger than usual, you have two ways of watering you can select from. Carefully water the traditional way, or make the planter sit-in in the saucer of water which will make the water sync inside the growing medium from the bottom and keep it hydrated.

The planter diameter is 8 inches on the outside, and 7 and a half inches on the inside, so you can fit in pretty big planters. The pot has a surface that will not slip on the floor usually which is useful, and it is quite heavy to keep your pot upright for longer growth.
The planter is good value for money.
The pot is very attractive and elegant looking.
The shipping could be difficult and there could be damage in the pots, talk to the seller to have it replaced in this situation.

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Pennington Gongora

Pennington Gongora
This is a nice looking planter and is quite heavy so come blooming season you can rest assured this pot is perfect to contain any variety of orchid. The planter is quite large and the holed allow circulation and drainage pretty well. You can even put other planters inside it if you want to use a medium pot, otherwise, you have to stuff the material in a little bit, so the growing medium does not leak out of the holes. Once you have it stuffed, the roots can breathe well and have a bit of sunlight on it.
Good looking planter.
Heavy, will hold orchid when it gets heavier on top due to blooming.
The packaging leaves a chance for improvement, some of the users had their pots damaged because it was not packed right.

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The Truedays pack contains 4 pretty black planters ideal for orchids. The wider top of the pot is 5.5 inches and the height is 4.33 inches, suitable for mini orchid plants. The pots are slotted and allow for perfect air circulations between the roots. The planter is easy to care for and can be repeatedly used after washing. It has 18 holes surrounding the pot with 12 slits at the very bottom. This will make sure that all the water is drained from the plant and allow for partial, or completely drying between watering of the plant. The hole sizes are ideal to keep the soil mix inside the pot. You can plant many types of orchids in it such as topical and African violets.
The well-designed pot allows orchids to stay healthy.
The pot could be deeper to hold some of the longer root orchids.

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This pot is unique in how it is designed and won't match anything you normally see. This pot resembles carousels more than flowerpots and looks truly gorgeous. But that does not mean the planter lacks any of the ideal functionalities needed for growing orchids. The pot is made of high-quality UV protective plastic, with many upright tines circling to make an arena for holding your plant. There is a matching saucer that comes with the pot, it can hold a lot of the extra water which drains through the gaps in the tine.

The plastic color is also quite transparent which will allow for plenty of sunshine to bask the roots. The tines have the ideal gap that will keep the growing medium inside the pot while ensuring that there is perfect aeration. The tines are even somewhat flexible, so they will not restrict the growth of the root. The diameter of the pot is 6 inches, which can hold most mini orchids.
Highly rated by users and looks stunning.
It has perfect functionality, which can even be utilized to restore suffering plants to grow back to health.
Good quality UV resistant plastic protects the roots.
Very expensive, but considering the aesthetics and functionality, many users agree that it is justified.

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Pots for Orchids – Buying Guide

Best pots for growing orchids meet the care requirements of the plants better and make sure your plant health is vitalized. People even use special orchid pots to bring back a dying plant to health, a plant that has been sick due to deprivation of air circulation and sunlight. The effects of a good pot are extensive.

There are many varieties of orchids, and if you dive down to the very minute detail, the pot needs will vary from one orchid to another. Some orchids have very intricate root systems that need a lot of places to grow, and some have shallow roots, so they don’t need deep containers.

Some orchids can have negative effects when potted in plastic planters or ceramic, whereas others will do just fine. Here are the key factors that will decide how the plant fares, and it’s all connected to the pot you choose.

Container ventilation for orchids

If the roots do not have proper ventilation, an orchid will suffer and perish. The roots need to breathe for the plant to soak in nutrients and moisture. Ventilated orchid pots provide proper ventilation, for this reason, ventilation will also allow the soil to dry out quickly which is necessary because orchids do not like excess moisture.

The planters for orchids have varied ventilation. They can come with slits on the side or holes, even clay pots would have holes for easy breathing. But the holes should not be too big to let out the growing medium.

Material container for orchids

We have already established the importance of having sunlight for the roots. So, clear materials are ideal for most orchids. Glass and clear or frosted plastics make for a good medium. Plastic net mesh pots for indoor plants are also good for this; however, they do not look that elegant.

Wooden baskets and terra cotta pots are much more environmentally friendlier options. But terra cotta could be difficult to hang or create a good ventilation system if they do not have adequate holes.

Ceramic is also on the heavy side, and not ideal for hanging. Consider the price of the pot, aesthetics, and breathability before you choose the right pot.

Drainage pot for orchids

Orchid roots float in the air and can soak in surrounding moisture, as a result, orchids are not very fond of overwatering. You must take solid precautions to make sure your pot does not create a situation where there is not adequate drainage.

The bottom holes and side holes are necessary for a pot to get rid of the excess wet, so the plant isn’t sitting in a lot of water. Make slotted orchid pots a high priority on your checklist.

Size container for orchids

Some orchids need a lot of room to grow because their roots get wide or deep. And if these roots are cramped in a tiny container, that is an excellent way to kill an expensive plant. Make sure the pot you are getting is ideal for holding the growth of the orchid and is like most large orchid pots with holes.

If this pot is very small, then roots will end up struggling. And repotting repeatedly is not a good idea either. You should only report a few years and buy containers that could sustain the plant for a long time.

Quality pot for orchids

Do not compromise on the quality of the pot because you need cheaper options. Likewise, do not pay a lot of money for a pot that is just not worth it. Plastic pots are cheaper, but they will not have as many options in designs and can look cheap. Before committing to a pot, see how other orchid owners have fared using this pot.


Growing orchids for beginners

Pots for Orchids - FAQs

How often should I water my orchid?

Since orchids are native to tropical rainforests, many people tend to think that they need a lot of moisture. They then end up watering the plant several times every week. This is the worst thing you can do to an orchid. They do not need so much water to survive, and watering frequently makes the roots susceptible to rot. A good rule for watering orchids is to do it 5 to 12 days apart depending on humidity, the temperature where you are living, and the type of the plant. summer months are peak growing time and orchids tend to need more water at this time than in winter. Orchids can bet divided into three categories depending on how much water they need. Orchids that should always be kept evenly moist, orchids that need to be drying out between watering (other than when they are in growing phase), orchids that need to dry out a little between watering. Here are the guidelines for major orchid varieties that you can buy in the market.
  • Category #1: Always evenly moist - Paphiopedilum, Miltonia, Cymbidium, Odontoglossum,
  • Category #2 – Dry out between watering – Cattleya, Oncidium, Brassia, Dendrobium.
  • Category #3 – Semi drying between watering – Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Ascocenda.
If you are still unsure of the wagering requirement, you can look up this expert guide

How do I repot my orchids?

Orchids are not like other plants. They will not just grow in any soil you put them into. The pot has to have all the qualities we discussed, the soil mixture is specific to growing orchids only, and then you need to know the right way to report an orchid. The mix material should be bought from a reputed manufacturer if you are not sure you can make it by yourself. Then, you need to pour hot water on it to kill any microorganisms it may have. Let the mix cool down and reduce to room temperature. Orchids are sensitive to the microorganisms in the soil which could have bacteria that can kill your plant, so sterilization is crucial before planting. Remove the orchids from the pot you have kept in and make sure you are not damaging the roots in the process. Do not try to force the grit away from the roots but pour normal temperature water on it so the root is clean. Then you put the orchid in repotting planter and pour the growing medium on it.


The perfect spot does exist. For orchids, it only happens to be a pot that needs to possess many qualities. A lot of things need to be perfect from drainage, soil, watering, temperature, and aeration. You never know what halts the progress of the plant. Drainage and aeration will always remain key factors.

So, we have presented you with all the planters which would be ideal for your orchid. Specifically, the Mkono planter is our top choice simply because while it takes care of all the factors, it has another key ingredient that many gardeners don’t even know they need.

It has a good width and depth, so the orchid roots have plenty of spots to grow and breathe. With every quality down, the best pots for orchids will be the right to start your orchid garden needs.

So, what are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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