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Top 7 Best Pots for Strawberries (2021 Review)

Strawberries, also known as Garden Strawberries, originated in the middle of the 17th century when a North American variant of Strawberry was bred with its Chilean variant. Strawberry plants do not require much space and are ideal for someone looking to grow plants inside their house or apartment.

Strawberry plants require an average of 6-10 hours of sunlight per day and need to be watered properly in containers with suitable drainage mechanism. These plants require comparatively more acidic soil.

Best Pots for Strawberries Strawberry plants can be grown using a starter plant or a cut part of other strawberry plants, which can be obtained from a nursery. These plants have shallow roots and it is imperative to ensure that the roots are not deeply planted into the soil else the plant will fail to survive.

It is also important to ensure that the fruits do not touch the soil else the fruits will rot due to bacteria and fungi infection. Thus, it is advantageous to plant strawberries in pots rather than in tubs since the pots provide these desired flexibilities of free movement and maintenance.

#1 Pot for Strawberries

Exaco Multi-Purpose Ceramic Planter for Strawberries

Exaco Multi-Purpose Ceramic Planter for Strawberries

If you are looking for a beautiful display while not compromising on the longevity and utility of the pot to grow your strawberry plant in, it might be a good choice to check out this best pot for strawberries.

The pot has an in-built drainage hole at the bottom, which is essential to maintain the drainage condition ideal for the strawberry plant to grow. So, if you ever end up overwatering, this pot will be ideal to prevent the plant rot, by avoiding water stagnation and damp soil.

The pot comes with an open top and 17 side openings, which will be ideal for strawberry plants to grow with their shallow roots. The pots are beautifully designed and will accentuate the visual aesthetics of the place they are put in, be it indoor or outdoor.

Top Features:

  • The pot is round-edged and made of ceramic. The ceramic material is manufactured using a high-firing technique to provide better waterproofing. The finishing is smooth and glossy to give an overall high visual pleasantness.
  • The pot is compact in size and lightweight, making it easier to be placed conveniently inside a house or apartment. Apart from the open top and 17 side pockets, there is also a “push-out” drain hole at the bottom of the pot. The pot comes in four color variants – Red, White, Turquoise, and Grey.


  • Elegant design, aesthetically pleasing
  • Compact design with multiple pockets, suitable for strawberry planting
  • Effective pre-built drainage hole


  • Costlier with respect to its size
  • Too small to hold the strawberry plant in all pockets

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What Kind Of Pots Can I Use For Planting Strawberries?

So, now that we have understood the importance of choosing the right pot for growing strawberry plants, let us now have a look at the varieties of best pots for strawberries which you can use.

Plastic Strawberries Pots

Being lightweight, plastic pots provide the flexibility of movement. They are a good choice for you if you are planning for indoor planting. These can be easily moved into areas where the strawberry plant can get the sunlight. Strawberry plants are not able to survive cold, windy or dry weather conditions.

If you are one who keeps the plant outdoor to provide the sunlight to the plant, you can easily move these plastic pots into the indoor area during adverse weather conditions. However, you must take extra care during windy conditions to keep these pots indoor since these may get blown over due to their lightweight.

Terracotta Strawberries Pots

Made of clay, these pots generally come with pre-built drainage holes in them. Various designs are available from which you can choose based on the utility as well as the aesthetic looks.

Due to frequent watering, these pots tend to break down over a year or two. The life of the pot can be prolonged if waterproof spraying is done before use. These pots also provide the flexibility of movement, so you can easily use them for indoor and outdoor planting.

Ceramic Strawberries Pots

The ceramic pots for tomato plants come equipped with waterproof coating and pre-designed drainage holes. If you do not want the flexibility of movement and are more inclined towards the aesthetics of growing a strawberry plant, then this might be the best option for you.


Growing Strawberries

How to grow potted strawberries:

The Best Pots for Strawberry Plants

There are a lot of factors that need thoughtful consideration while choosing the best pots for strawberries. Understandably, you may not be able to go through each of them in detail, so here we have briefed about the best of the lot for you to choose from. These products offer unique features and you can select the one that becomes your best pot for strawberries.

The top best product [hide]

5 Tier Stackable Planter for Strawberries

5 Tier Stackable Planter for Strawberries
This 5-tier stackable planter is the best pot for strawberries. It can be used indoor or outdoor and is suitable for a compact plant-like strawberry. It features the flow-through design for water drainage.
Compact size, suitable for someone with space constraints.
Flow-through design for water drainage avoids rot and over-dampness.
Equipped with a drip tray at the bottom, to prevent indoors from getting dirty during watering.
Option to hang or free stand.
Neither able to hold much soil nor retain enough moisture; frequent watering is required.

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3 Tier Stackable Planter for Strawberries

3 Tier Stackable Planter for Strawberries
This 3-tier pot is made of UV-protected plastic and is sturdy enough to hold multiple strawberry plants.
Designed to save space. It is neat and convenient unlike some of the bigger stackable planters.
Flow-through design – all you need to do is water the top and it will drip down through the stack layers.
Multiple units can be stacked together to form a vertical garden.
The light color accentuates the strawberry plant as well as the fruit.
It has more stability than the planters which have five or six stacks so that it doesn’t easily fall.
Not recommended for hanging because the whole structure can get quite heavy even with three layers and can damage the structure of the ceiling where you are trying to use this. It will also get damaged if somehow the structure falls.
Can’t hold much soil and retain enough moisture, frequent watering is required.

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Amazing Creation Stackable Pots for Strawberries

Amazing Creation Stackable Pots for Strawberries
Made of highly durable plastic, this planter is capable of holding up to 15 different plants at a time. It comes with 5 soil separators, 5 planting pots, 1 bottom tray, 1 metal chain, and 1 metal stopper.
Easy to assemble.
Vertically stackable to save space.
Multiple units can be stacked together to form a vertical garden.
The off-white color of the pot compliments the strawberry plant visually.
Easy to carry outdoors and indoors.
Vertical hanging may be difficult if the pot is fully loaded.
Water trickling through to the lower stacks is not enough, watering needs to be done at each stack level.
The soil at the top stack tends to become soggy. Additional drainage holes need to be drilled to tackle drainage issues.

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13 Inch Vertical Gardening Tower

13 Inch Vertical Gardening Tower
Made of UV protected plastic, this planter can be split into two parts, one having a tiered stack and another a 3-tier stack. This product has a total of 5 stacks, with an overall 20 slots for planting 20 different plants. Equipped with a flow-through design for water flow, this can stand freely or be hanged.
Made of UV-protected plastic – can be used indoor and outdoor.
Reasonably priced compared to other similar available products.
The Green color of the product does not go well with the strawberry plant visually.
The dark color of the pot increases the chances of heat retention resulting in quicker drying up of the soil.
Water trickling from top to bottom happens very slowly.

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Large Vertical Gardening Stackable Planters for Strawberries

Large Vertical Gardening Stackable Planters for Strawberries
Made of food safe grade durable plastic, this planter is available in terracotta orange color. This planter can house up to 20 different plants ad is ideal for indoor or outdoor usage.
Watering needs to be done on the top, it flows down automatically to the lower levels.
Made of lightweight and durable plastic, and more suited for outdoor usage.
Not ideal for indoor usage due to its size.
Water drops down from top to bottom gradually.

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Stackable Vertical Planter for Strawberries Set with Rolling Plant Caddy

Stackable Vertical Planter for Strawberries Set with Rolling Plant Caddy
Made of UV-protected and food-safe grade plastic, this planter has 6 stacks, with each stack containing 3 planting pockets. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor usage. This product features its own Smart Watering System, wherein you need to water the topmost pot, all the pots below will get watered slowly through the vertical downward movement of the moisture.
Made of UV protected plastic – can be used indoor and outdoor.
The Bottom structure is equipped with 4 durable wheels, which makes it convenient to make between different spots.
The white color of the pot accentuates the strawberry plant’s beauty. It looks very chic and you cannot just use this as a fruit plant but it can accentuate the beauty of your garden if you decide to keep it on any other open spot instead.
Stability issues exist with the 6-tier structure, the structure tends to collapse when all the stacks are loaded.
The material is quite light, and the stack should have been designed bottom-heavy to make sure it can take the load of the complete structure when soil and plants are added in the structure already. Without testing, it makes the upper racks unusable when stacked.

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5 Tier Stackable Planter for Strawberries

5 Tier Stackable Planter for Strawberries
This 5-tier stackable planter is made of food-safe plastic, and this is what makes it one of the best pots for strawberries. It houses 20 usable pockets for planting. I can be used indoor or outdoor and different plants together. It features the flow-through design for water drainage, water has to be filled in the top 2 layers only.
No worry of overwatering since water seeps down from the top level to the bottom. This makes watering a breeze and strawberry plants can go through a lot of watering before they finally start to blossom.
Flow-through design for water drainage avoids rot and over-dampness.
Equipped with a saucer at the bottom, to prevent indoors from getting dirty during watering. However, we recommend removing the saucer from time to time to make sure the water at the bottom is not getting saggy because this will attract gnats and bugs.
Frequent watering is required for the top plants. The bottom plants seem to do fine without that. If you are going to use the complete rack, you can even plant some other things than strawberries that require less water to cut the work in half.
The 5 stacks when putting together and filled, tend to lose balance due to wind or can topple at the touch. Make sure you are using a solid base if it is going to be a standalone structure to avoid falling and injury. Do not put it unsupported in an open place.

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Pots for Strawberries – Buying Guide

Two most important aspects that you need to take care of while growing strawberry plants are – sufficient sunlight (average 6-10 hours a day) and adequate water circulation. These two are the major deciding factors that you should consider when you opt for growing strawberries in pots runners (read more).
Pots are available in various categories based on their individual properties:

Material container for Strawberries

The pots for african violets are mostly manufactured using plastic, clay or ceramic. Strawberry plants require regular watering; hence the potting material decides the longevity of the pot and the time interval for repotting.

Plastic and ceramic can withstand moisture for longer periods, whereas clay will break down after a certain period. The longevity of ceramic and clay pots can be increased by waterproofing them with spraying or coating.

Further, if you are planting outdoors, temperature becomes a deciding factor for choosing the potting material. Ceramic and clay are not suitable for wide temperature fluctuations as these tend to crack when it happens.

For indoor planting, in a controlled environment, you can choose from any of the material variants since there is no occurrence of major temperature fluctuations.

Weight container for Strawberries

Strawberry plants require an average of 6-10 hours of daily sunlight exposure. Depending on the pot location and the daily exposure to sunlight, you will need the flexibility to move the pot around so that you can place it where it receives adequate sunlight throughout the day. Plastic pots for cactus weigh the lightest, followed by clay pots and ceramic pots.

Size container for Strawberries

Strawberry plants have shallow roots and the plant does not require much space – neither in width nor in depth. Hence, you can easily choose compact-sized pots that could provide you the flexibility of indoor placement, frequent movement or decorative positioning. The compactness and small size of strawberry plants provide the scope of growing strawberries in hanging containers as well.

Color container for Strawberries

Colors of the pot add to its aesthetic appeal. However, it is advisable to go for lighter colors in warmer climatic conditions since darker colors tend to absorb and retain more heat, which could harm the shallow roots of the strawberry plant. Conversely, in colder climatic conditions, the selection of darker colors is recommended.

Drainage container for Strawberries

Water circulation is one of the most important aspects to be checked to ensure the survival and proper fruition of the strawberry plant. Select the pots that have proper drainage outlets to avoid water stagnation. This plays a vital role since strawberry plants need just the right amount of soil dampness to survive; the soil can neither be too dry nor too soggy. Hence, frequent watering is required along with appropriate drainage.

Design container for Strawberries

A strawberry plant looks very attractive, particularly when the fruit starts ripening. So, choosing a pot design that accentuates this plant’s beauty can be a deciding factor for many of you. Due to the size of the plant itself, you can opt for growing strawberries in hanging containers which could heighten the overall exquisiteness.


History of the Strawberry

Pots For Strawberry Plants - FAQ

What kind of soil is good for strawberry plants?

Strawberry plants grow only in organic soil that is acidic (pH level ranging from 5.5 to 6.5). Thus, you need to get hold of soil that meets these requirements and then prepare it suitably before filling up the pot with it.

Do the pots come with seed?

No. Strawberry plants can grow from another strawberry start plant or a runner. Garden strawberries produced domestically are rarely grown from seeds. However, these are not included along with the pots and can be obtained from a nursery nearby to you.

Do the pots come with soil?

Some sellers provide the soil with the pots; however, it is advisable to buy soil that is suitable for the good growth of strawberry plants.

Are the strawberries grown in pots suitable for consumption?

Most of the pots are made of UV-protected and food-grade plastic quality. Due to compact size, there is always a probability of the strawberry fruit coming into contact with the soil. Preventive actions like placing a filter in between should be taken in advance since continuous contact with the soil will rot the fruit and turn it unsuitable for consumption.

Do the pots have drainage holes?

Yes, almost all pots have the drainage holes located at the bottom. For strawberry plants, you need to strike the right chord between dryness and dampness of the soil, for it to survive and grow to fruition. Thus, water circulation, as well as drainage, form the key parameters while designing the pots for strawberry plants. Most of the pots are equipped with flow-through design so that you can water the topmost pot and the pots below are watered by the vertical descent of the moisture. The drainage holes are located at the bottom generally so that the excess water then flows from the top to the bottom, cam exit through these drainage holes. The pots come equipped with saucers or chambers at the bottom which holds the drained water and remnants and prevents any indoor area from getting dirty.


The 5-tier stackable planter exhibits an ideal balance of design, longevity, strength, and usefulness. The planter makes for a beautiful display while not being weak or deco rational. Strawberry plants can do some heavy damage to planters due to how much water they need when the fruit-bearing season comes forward. You can be going through several thorough watering every week and it still won’t seem enough.

For these situations, the planter comes equipped with a beautiful flow through the method and holds in a lot of water, which makes this our top choice.

The turquoise also looks elegant in contrast to the strawberry plant. Put it indoors or outdoors and make sure the plant has the right sunlight, and you will have a merry harvest come strawberry picking time.

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