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Top 5 Best Rake for Dead Grass (2021 Review)

Unstable weather is bad news for your garden. Fall is one of the toughest seasons for plants and grass in your garden, and it is also consequently a difficult season for you as it just adds up onto your garden duties. Watering and cleaning up the grass is one less thing done on your list, but cleaning up the dead grass is an add-on.
Best Rake for Dead Grass The good news is that a good quality rake for dead grass can do this task for you in a blink of an eye. However, choosing the best rake for pulling up dead grass can be difficult since the market is packed with various products. So, in this article, we will review the lawn rake for dead grass in 2020.

Types of Rakes for dead grass

You will be surprised to see the various types of rakes available on the market. The array of kinds of rakes makes choosing any one la rake for your garden a difficult task. Therefore, we have listed the 3 most common kinds of rakes found on the market.

Scoop rakes for Dead Grass

Scoop rakes are more appropriate for raking dead leaves than for raking grass. However, they offer a great advantage when it comes to collecting dead grass in a clean and mess-free manner as this type of rake forms a pile of dead grass or leaves which then you scoop up and throw away.

Hand rakes for Dead Grass

Hand rakes are a good option if you have a smaller garden or have less dead grass to pull. These type of rakes are small in size and have a narrower head and a really sturdy handle to give you a strong grip. These can be either garden rakes or lawn rakes, depending on your need.

Tarmac rakes for Dead Grass

If you have dead grass growing between your gravel or stone garden flooring, then this type will work well for you. These are meant to be used on concrete or stone surfaces where there is dead grass.</div

#1 Rake for Dead Grass

Gonicc 63 inch Professional Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Gonicc 63 inch Professional Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Top features:

  • The rake expands to a full size of 23 inches;
  • It weighs about 2.2 pounds;
  • It has a maximum width of 8 inches;
  • It measures 32.5 x 8 x 2.8 inches;


  • Head is adjustable and foldable
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Durable aluminum-made handle
  • Backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee


  • Might require some extra care while using

The Gonicc 63-inch rake for dead grass has an outstandingly durable metal and stainless steel construction that is meant to increase the longevity of this product. The rake’s most distinctive feature that makes it one of the best overall is its adjustable head height and width. This makes it a versatile product since it is usable for various situations and amounts of dead grass.

Overall, it has a maximum width of 8 inches, with a maximum height of 23 inches that is easily expandable.

In addition to this, the rake also has really stable tines due to the satisfactory thickness of the handle, which is guaranteed to make raking dead grass easy for you. All these incredible features are all backed by a satisfactory lifetime guarantee, making replacement, repairing and cost-efficiency of this product remarkable.

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The Best Rake for Dead Grass

In this section, we have reviewed the 5 best rakes for removing dead grass. All the following products vary from one another in terms of size, build, and design. However, the final choice you make will depend hugely on what you expect from the rake. Make sure to go through the pros-and-cons list so you can decide better.

The top best product [hide]

(12-Packs) Durable Black 24 Steel Tine Thatching Leaf Rake W/Fiberglass Handle

(12-Packs) Durable Black 24 Steel Tine Thatching Leaf Rake W/Fiberglass Handle
When it comes to adding value to your money, this 12-pack fiberglass rake is a great choice. The product is a great choice for regular home use with its standard 24-tine and easy-to-use design. Additionally, the rake is multi-purpose, as it can also be used for removing leaves, and it is the best rake to use for dead grass. The only possible drawback to this product is that it does not have any adjustability options, making its application limited. We recommend this for small-scale home use and not for professional use.
Technical Specifications:
It has a total of 24 tines
The handle measures 2.5mm in diameter
The handle is built with fiberglass
Good quality handle for convenient usage and grip
Durable fiberglass construction
Durable metal tines
Wide tine surface to remove more dead grass
Height and width not adjustable

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TABOR TOOLS Telescopic Metal Rake for Dead Grass

TABOR TOOLS Telescopic Metal Rake for Dead Grass
This TABOR TOOLS rake is one of the best rakes for dead grass, dead leaves and even debris with its incredible construction. It is made with stainless steel and has a lightweight design, offering great comfort and convenience to the user. Its most important features are its adjustable height and adjustable width, which offer a versatility of use. You can reach narrow spots by using the rake set at a narrow width. For off-seasons, you can also store it easily with its easily foldable design.
Technical Specifications:
It has an adjustable 23-inch rake head
The rake has a foldable design, measuring 32” when folded
It weighs about 2.05 pounds
Lightweight design
Foldable, easy to store
Fully adjustable width and height
Great quality grip handle
Tines bend easily under mild pressure
Durability issues reported by some users

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Gonicc 63-inch Professional Adjustable Garden Rake for Dead Grass

Gonicc 63-inch Professional Adjustable Garden Rake for Dead Grass
Are you looking for a rake to meet your professional needs? Or do you have a longer-lasting fall season and need a durable product? Then the Gonicc professional rake is the answer for you. It will make the removal of dead grass easy at any narrow or wide spot with its adjustable tine head. The durability is guaranteed with its aluminum and metal construction. The rake also has a foldable design that further ensures the ease of use.
Technical Specifications:
It has an adjustable folding head from 7 to 22 inches
It weighs about 2.25 pounds
The rake is supported by a lifetime guarantee
Comes with a generous warranty
Lightweight yet sturdy
Adjustable head
Fully foldable design allowing ease of storage
The handle is too short and straight
High risk of getting cuts

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Rakes for Lawns Yangbaga Leaf Rake for Dead Grass

Rakes for Lawns Yangbaga Leaf Rake for Dead Grass
What makes this particular rake for grass stand out in the market is its versatile design that is meant for everybody. The adjustable height makes it good for elderly people as well as for kids. It also has a detachable handle, which makes it a good choice for those who do not always need it. Its stainless steel construction guarantees rust-free usage for a very long time, ensuring that your money does not go to waste after some time of use.
Technical Specifications:
It is constructed with lightweight stainless steel
The handle of the rake can be adjusted to three sizes
It is equipped with a detachable handle
Adjustable height makes it good for lots of people
Detachable handle is easy to disassemble
Very lightweight design
Non-slip handle grip
Width is not adjustable
Not foldable

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Emsco Group 9049 Rake

Emsco Group 9049 Rake
This yard rake is designed to meet the needs of kids who are interested in gardening. It has plastic construction but remains eco-friendly since it uses FDA-approved BPA-free plastic. Moreover, the rake also has an ideal height that meets the needs of young diggers. It is also very lightweight, and also very sturdy, which makes it a good choice, even for adults. However, for professional or rigorous use, this might not be the best option.
Technical Specifications:
The tool is made of resin
The plastic construction is rust-proof
It weighs about 14.9 ounces
Lightweight yet durable
Eco-friendly BPA-free plastic construction
Incredibly safe for kids
Comes with a 4-pack option.
Not as durable as metal tines
Not meant for adult use

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Rake for dead grass – Buying Guide

While there is a range of great quality products in the market, there are still many important considerations to be made before you can make the final purchase. A number of factors and features will need to be looked upon, such as the construction material of the rack to assess its durability. Moreover, the handle quality, teeth and weight of the rack also matter.


You need to consider the weight of the rack you are buying since not only will you be using it on a daily basis, but will also need to store it during off-seasons. A heavy rake for dead grass can be inconvenient as you may get tired soon while using it. It will also be tougher to store.

Construction material

You don’t want to invest in a new rake every season. Therefore, go for a rake that has exceptionally durable construction quality. We recommend you go for rakes that are built with stainless steel since it is resistant to rust. Moreover, metal rakes are a good choice too but might need some careful storing and maintenance to prevent rust. Plastic rakes can be good for mild, less frequent home use because they are easier to break and might not be good for a large amount of dead grass.


Adjustability refers to the rake’s design that lets you adjust its tine’s width, handle’s height and a foldable design that ensures easy storage. These features are meant to add great convenience to your overall experience.

Tine material

We strongly recommend metal tines. They are an ideal choice for numerous reasons, primarily for being sturdy, durability. In addition, metal tines have great strength that can pull off more than just dead grass. They can pull off twigs and debris as well. The best rake for dead grass should have durable and strong tines.

Appropriate size

While a tall or a relatively longer rake might sound good since it might let you get access to farther sections of the grass as well. However, it is important to match the size of your rake with your own height. If the rake is much taller than you or is taller than you can handle, it will cause great inconvenience. Therefore, the size of the rake is a very important consideration.

Rake for Dead Grass - FAQs

Are plastic rakes good?

Plastic rakes are good in terms of their durability. They might break easily if not stored properly, but they do not have the risk of rusting. They are also lighter than metal rakes and good for use by kids or elderly people.

What kind of handle is good?

Different rakes come with handles made with different materials. We recommend you choose handles that are made with stainless steel, metal or aluminum.

Are flexible or rigid tines better?

It is always better to go for tines that have a flexible design. This makes them sturdy and less prone to breaking or bending if there is some extra pressure. They also help you reach difficult spots.

Do metal rakes rust?

If not stored properly, metal rakes might rust. However, to solve this, there are stainless steel rakes available.

What is an ideal height for a rake?

The height of the rake you choose will depend hugely on your height and size. However, we recommend you choose rakes that have an adjustable height so they can be used by anyone in the house.


Summing it up, we think the best rake to remove dead grass from your lawn or garden is the one that matches your size and has good comfort and durability. A rake that rusts easily, does not fold or does not have adjustability can be hugely inconvenient. Make a smart choice so you don’t have to invest in a new rake every season.

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