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Top 8 Best Rake for Rocks (2021 Review)

Have you noticed the different kinds of rakes used by a professional landscaper? They almost always have three rakes ( – a garden rake, a leaf rake, and a gravel rake. So, what exactly is a gravel rake, and what is it used for? As the name suggests, a rake for rocks or a gravel rake is used to remove debris and rocks from gravel driveways. The heads of these rakes are usually constructed with thick, durable metal, and their teeth are widely and evenly spaced to ensure the efficient raking of rocks.

Best Rake for Rocks Rocks negatively affect root development, and raking them out of the soil can improve nutrient availability and promote uniform grass growth. To help you find the best rake for rocks, we’ve reviewed some of the best units available today.

#1 Rake for Rocks



For us, the 54-inch steel rake by ERGIESHOVEL is the best rake for removing rocks. Its long handle ensures landscapers do not suffer from back pain when raking rocks in the yard. Its quality D-grip also gives users full control, making raking easy. The added handle on the shaft further offers added leverage, reducing the pressure and strain on your back and shoulders.

The perfect rake for clearing rocks, this model is backed by the Sun Joe Customer Promise. This means you can get a full refund if the rake gets damaged within two years of purchase. It’s designed with high-quality steel tines, making it easier for landscapers to rake rocks and rougher debris.

The unit’s innovative 3-piece smart lock allows compact and easy storage. The steel tines are also easy to sharpen and are able to maintain a sharper cutting edge for a long period of time. Its long handle enables users to reach difficult-to-reach areas in their lawn or yard, which cannot be reached with shorter rakes. Lastly, the handle also keeps your hands safe from possible snack attacks while clearing rakes. All in all, it’s the best rakes for rocks in grass.
Top Features

  • Manufactured with stainless steel
  • Designed with 16 tines
  • Has a weight of 6.3 pounds
  • Measures 54-inch in length


  • Reduces the strain and pressure on your back
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • High-end construction ensures durability
  • Can be stored easily


  • Is a bit heavy
  • Quality control could be improved

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Types of rakes for rocks

Choosing the best rake for small rocks can make your job quicker and easier. However, with so many models available, it can be difficult to find a rake that best suits your needs. To make their uses clearer, here are some of the most common types:

Garden rakes for rocks

Garden rakes are also known as bow rakes, level heads, soil heads, and ground rakes. They’re designed with long, straight heads and rigid, short tines. They’re perfect for certain heavy jobs, including loosening hard soil and creating planting rows.

Landscape rakes  for rocks

Landscape rakes are designed with fairly wide, flat heads, and are ideal for spreading and leveling ground materials, including sand or soil.

Lawn rakes for rocks

Also known as spring tine rakes, leaf rakes, and fan rakes, they’re used to collect and rake leaves. They’re constructed with thin metal tines, which adds flexibility, allowing users to rake over uneven ground.

Tarmac rakes for rocks

The best type of rake for rocks, tarmac rakes are also called stone rakes, road rakes, asphalt rakes, gravel rakes, and roadstone rakes. They’re similar to a standard garden rake but are designed with a slightly wider head. They’re incredibly strong and can gather and spread heavier materials, making it the ideal rake for removing rocks from dirt.

The Best Rake for Rocks

Short on time? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! To make the entire process of choosing the rake for rocks easier, we’ve reviewed some of the best models available today. Let’s take a look!

The top best product [hide]

A.M. Leonard Bow Rake for rocks

A.M. Leonard Bow Rake for rocks
Unlike other T-head rakes, this model is designed with tines that have a slight curve. It is constructed with a 16-inch wide head, which is connected to the ash handle by a steel socket. This model is perfect for spreading topsoil, compost, and mulch. The tines can be used for spreading soil, and the rake itself can then be inverted to level it out. It can also be used for raking stones, trash, and other debris. Its narrow 16-inch head is able to reach tighter spaces, making the unit ideal for almost every job. The curved tines are also able to gather soil per stroke compared to conventional straight tines. Moreover, the 14-gauge socket is completely riveted through the unit’s handle, ensuring that the head is firmly attached, and will not break apart. Lastly, the ash handle is flexible, sturdy, and resists splintering.
Technical Specifications:
Handle is designed with solid lacquered Northern Ash
Features a durable one-piece forged head
Curved teeth offer more grabbing power
Bow design offers flexibility instead of bending or breaking
Curved tines gather more soil per stroke
Lightweight handle makes raking comfortable
Riveted socket firmly attaches the head to the handle
Not manufactured in the USA
Handle might be too long for some people

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Midwest Aluminum Landscape Rake for rocks

Midwest Aluminum Landscape Rake for rocks
This rake by Midwest is manufactured with aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. Its handle measures 36 inches in length, making it easy and comfortable to use for both tall and short individuals. The handle is further powder-coated to ensure reliability and longevity. Moreover, the model features a high-end non-slip grip that’s coated with vinyl. This quality grip protects your hands from blisters while ensuring comfort at the same time. Furthermore, the head is securely connected to the aluminum handle to prevent it from breaking apart and is rust-proof as well. The tines are rounded slightly, preventing gouging and spreading of underlying firmament and gravel. The model’s flat edge can also be used for leveling. However, the unit is a bit difficult to assemble.
Technical Specifications:
Constructed with aluminum
Designed with long, rounded teeth
Solid aluminum plug ensures a firm handle to head connection
Provides a smooth, non-gouging action
Double rib construction ensures head stability
Non-slip vinyl grip enhances comfort
Striking edge is perfect for grading
Heavier than other models
Assembly holes might not line up

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True Temper 16-Tine Steel Bow Rake for rocks

True Temper 16-Tine Steel Bow Rake for rocks
If you’re searching for a rake that you can completely rely on, then this True Temper model is the one for you! Manufactured with 100% steel, it is shaped and formed in the US. Its 16-inch handle is constructed with hardwood for enhanced strength and durability. It also features a cushioned grip to ensure comfort and ease of use. Periodically using this rake allows oxygen and water to penetrate into your garden, giving you the healthy garden you’ve always dreamed of. The model’s 16 tines help in mulching, evenly distributing the soil, and breaking hard soil. Designed for loosening and leveling soil quickly, the True Temper is the best bow rake for individuals with smaller landscaping.
Technical Specifications:
Designed with 16 steel tines
Handle measures 16” in length
Hardwood handle for enhances
Cushioned end grip allows comfortable use for longer periods of time
Ideal for small landscaping
16 steel tines ensure durability, longevity, and reliability
Manufactured in the US
Not as strong as other models
Head of the rake is not firmly attached and pulls out of the handle easily

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Razor-Back B15 Bow Rake for rocks

Razor-Back B15 Bow Rake for rocks
Durability and strength make the Razor-Back bow rake the ideal tool for professionals. It’s perfect for spreading mulch and other materials evenly, leveling areas before planting, and breaking up or loosening compacted soil. This model can also be used to rake and collect grass, leaves, hay, or other garden debris. The rake’s head is constructed with tempered steel, ensuring that it will last you a very long time. The unit is also designed with a steel ferrule for a stronger handle and blade connection. Its 14 tines are sharp and constructed with forged steel, making it ideal for raking rocks. Since the blade is straight, the unit can also be inverted and used for leveling soil. Lastly, the handle is constructed with white ash, making the unit lightweight and comfortable to use.
Technical Specifications:
Features a tempered-steel head
Designed with 14 forged steel tines
White ash handle makes the unit easy to use
High quality construction ensures durability and reliability
Steel ferrule keeps the handle firmly attached to the blade
Steel tines are easy to sharp
Lightweight design makes it easy to use
May not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks

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Gardenite Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake for rocks

Gardenite Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake for rocks
A quality easy-to-use and lightweight unit, the Gardenite leaf rake is one of the best models when it comes to versatility. Ideal for narrower and smaller areas that are more difficult for traditional rakes to reach, the model’s 15 flat tine head can be expanded from 7 inches to 22 inches. Its long 63-inch handle enables users to rake larger areas quickly and easily. The 3/4 inch steel handle is further zinc-plated to make it resistant to rust. However, this unit is not ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Gardenite promises to fix any issue you might have with your unit over time. Since the rake is lightweight, it will not add any weight when you’re raking your garden, allowing you to work with it for longer periods of time. Lastly, along with being easy to use, the Gardenite also needs less space for storage.
Technical Specifications:
Head can be expanded from 7 to 22 inches
Designed with 15 flat tines
Constructed with a zinc plated steel head
Adjustable tines make it easier to reach small spaces
Handle is rust-resistant and durable
Lightweight design ensures ease of use
Adjusting the head’s size can be difficult for some
Handle might be uncomfortable to use

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Bully Tools 12-Gauge Bow Rake rocks

Bully Tools 12-Gauge Bow Rake rocks
The handle and head of this Bully Tools rake are welded together to ensure they don’t break apart. The handle is manufactured with triple wall fiberglass, making the rake lightweight, durable, and incredibly easy to use. It further ensures that it will last you a long time. The rake features 16 steel tines, making it ideal for raking every type of yard. The extremely thick 10-gauge steel further makes the unit stronger, tougher, and rust-resistant. Its long ergonomic handle also allows taller individuals to rake comfortably.

Along with being firmly connected to the handle, the tines are also reliable and will not bend when performing heavy-duty tasks. This Bully Tools is sturdy and can easily push big rocks without breaking. With a perfect forward angle, it enables users to rake without bending forward, which reduces the strain and pressure on their back. For added control, the handle is coated with vinyl to ensure it doesn’t slip from your hands. Although it’s smaller than conventional gravel rakes, it’s the ideal unit if you don’t have a lot of storage space. The rake is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and is able to withstand heavy use. However, it is a bit expensive than other models.
Technical Specifications:
Constructed with thick 10-gauge steel
Steel head is designed with 16 tines
High-strength fiberglass handle is coated with vinyl
Manufactured in the USA
Cushioned handle ensures a comfortable grip
High quality construction ensures durability
Bit expensive than other units

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Jardineer Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake for rocks

Jardineer Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake for rocks
The long handle of the Jardineer garden leaf rake eliminates the need for bending down, reducing fatigue and allowing you to comfortably rake for a long time. The unit’s large head also picks up more debris per stroke efficiently. The width of the rake head can further be adjusted quickly and easily by simply turning the yellow lock. The rake’s strong aluminum handle keeps tines stable and collects leaves and rocks more efficiently. Compared to traditional steel handles, the aluminum handle is also unbendable and will last for years. Moreover, this model has several different uses. It’s ideal for raking up leaves, loose garden debris, and lawn clippings without damaging the plants. The width of the rake can also be adjusted to 7”, allowing users to reach tight areas like between flower beds and under hedges with ease. However, the Jardineer is not ideal for heavy-duty tasks, such as raking rocks or other heavy materials.
Technical Specifications:
Aluminum handle measures 63” in length
Tight lock switch for smooth adjustment
Steel rake head measures 23”
Ergonomic and lightweight design
Extended handle reduces backache
Smooth aluminum handle makes head adjustments easy
High-end metal construction ensures longevity
Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks
Locking mechanism could be improved

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ORIENTOOLS Steel Leaf Rake for rocks Head

ORIENTOOLS Steel Leaf Rake for rocks Head
This ORIENTOOLS leaf rake head can be used for several different purposes. Measuring 8.66”, the steel shrub rake head can be used as a grip hand rake as well. It’s designed with a screw hole to ensure a tight and secure fitting. Furthermore, the unit is more durable and lasts longer than plastic models. It’s also the perfect rake for reaching the little nooks and crannies that cannot be accessed with larger units. It’s available in different colors, so you can pick one that you like best. The ORIENTOOLS is also perfect for removing twigs and needles off the roofs of houses. It fits perfectly on every handle and is ideal for raking under shrubs and bushes without damaging or digging out the stalks and roots. However, it is a bit expensive compared to other similar models.
Technical Specifications:
Manufactured with rust-resistant steel
Shrub rake head measures 8.66”
Works as a grip hand rake as well
Available in several different colors
Rust-resistant metal ensures reliability and durability
Does not damage roots and stalks
Fits securely on every handle
Costly than other rake heads

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Rake for Rocks – Buying Guide

Gravel rakes have certain features that make them suitable for raking rocks. They’re usually designed with short, tough wide-spaced teeth that help prevent them from digging into gravel or soil, enabling users to achieve a level, smooth finish.

There are several different things you need to consider before choosing the best rake for rocks. It’s advisable to get a lightweight unit, so your job isn’t back-breaking. Also, make sure that the material is rust-proof for longevity and durability. Some other features to look out for include:

Handle length of rake for rocks

Make sure that the rake you select has a suitable length, so it’s easy to use while standing. A good way to check whether the unit has a comfortable length is to see whether it reaches your nose from the ground. It’s also advisable to keep some distance between your hands to achieve the correct balance.

Material of rake for rocks

Handles are manufactured with different materials, and each has its pros and cons. Some of the most common materials include:

Wood: Wood, and particularly, hardwood is usually incredibly strong. However, high-end handles are a bit costly, and cheap ones bend and break easily.

Fiberglass: Although fiberglass is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant material, it can become brittle if it’s exposed to natural elements for a long period of time. It’s also expensive.

Aluminum: This material is extremely lightweight and resistant to rust, but is weaker than steel. It also costs more than other models.

Overall, it’s advisable to choose a rake with an aluminum handle.

Weight of rake for rocks

A good rake for rocks is heavy enough to perform the job efficiently and light enough for users to use comfortably. Since models constructed for heavy-duty tasks need to be strong, they are comparatively heavier. On the other hand, those designed for light garden jobs, like moving leaves, light debris, or grass clippings, are lighter. Generally, a lightweight rake can be easily used for extended periods of time.

The material of a rake will significantly affect its weight. As mentioned above, fiberglass is the most lightweight material. Wood and aluminum are also lightweight, while steel is quite heavy.

Most units have a head and handle constructed from different materials. If you’re choosing a rake for raking rocks, then it’s advisable to select a model with a lightweight handle, and a stronger, more durable head.

Sturdy, strong, and wide-gapped teeth

The last thing anybody wants is the rake’s teeth breaking or snapping off. Thus, it’s better to choose a model with carbon steel teeth, as they’re stronger, more reliable, and less likely to chip compared to other alternatives.

Secure head of rake for rocks

Make sure that the model you choose has a head that’s reinforced with a brace so that it doesn’t come loose.

Flat striking edge of rake for rocks

The best kind of rake for rocks features a head that has a flat side which can be inverted. This can then be used as a leveling tool, and this flexibility is essential and useful to have.

Rake head width for rocks

A rake’s width is incredibly important and can differ quite a lot. Before you decide the ideal width of a rake, make sure you consider the size of your yard or driveway, and how easy it will be to use the unit.

Blunt teeth of rake for rocks

Sharp rake teeth wear down quickly and easily. They’re also difficult to rake rocks with as they gouge gravel everywhere.

Grip of rake for rocks

The grip of a rake can help determine how comfortable it will be to use. Gravel driveways and rocks need to be raked frequently, so it’s better to choose a model that you’ll be comfortable with for extended periods of time.

Comfort of rake for rocks

Good quality rakes are designed with appropriate dimensions that ensure the comfortability of users. It’s advisable to choose a rake that has a width between 18 to 24 inches for comfort and ease of use. However, the type of handle and width that best suit your needs depend on the terrain you’ll be raking on.

Rake for Rocks - FAQs

How should you rake a gravel driveway?

Before raking a gravel driveway, make sure you remove any leaves or weeds on it. Once you’ve removed them, rake the driveway in rows and work in one direction to achieve a consistent appearance. Make sure you choose rake for rocks before raking your driveway.

Can you use a garden rake to level rocks or gravel?

Garden rakes are designed with smaller heads and don’t have sturdy tines, so they can be easily damaged if they’re used to rake rocks and gravel.

Why do you need to rake leaves?

Raking leaves and fallen debris ensures a thin thatch, which promotes healthy grass growth. However, if leaves are not raked, the sun is unable to dry away moisture from the grass, which can promote fungal growth.

Can you rake a wet lawn?

Raking a wet lawn can destroy grass and negatively affect the healthiness of the lawn. Power raking in wet soil can tear and pull out roots as plants don’t hold well in wet soil.

How frequently should you rake leaves?

It’s advisable to rake leaves before the first snow or frost of winter. The drier the leaves become, the easier it will be to gather and rake them up.


With such a wide range of rakes for rocks available, choosing one that best suits your needs can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Make sure you choose a durable unit, so it doesn’t break or bend when picking up rocks. With the aforementioned reviews, you can easily compare each model and choose the one you like best.

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