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Top 7 Best Rake for Acorns (2021 Review)

When your area becomes clogged with too many acorns on the lawn or in the garden, it causes unpleasant consequences. Nuts and acorns germinate in all possible places, so it’s very important to clean them in time. In such a ask, a rake could be your helper. This classic tool can easily clean your area. The best rake for acorns should have a good, solid construction for long and hard work.

best rake for acorns In addition, you must keep in mind the size of the nuts and their amount. This information will help to choose the best type of rake for acorns. The tool may differ in size, design and constituent elements. In order to make work easier, you need to pay attention to the main features, compare the advantages and disadvantages, and track real reviews. In this case, choosing the best rake to use for acorns can become much easier.

#1 Rake for Acorns

Garden Weasel Medium Nut Gatherer 3/4

Garden Weasel Medium Nut Gatherer 3/4" Rake for Acorns

Top features:

  • Rugged carbon steel construction and comfortable grip
  • Perfectly works with medium sized acorns
  • The design saves time and prevents pain in the back
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Very easy to use
  • Rreduces back load during work
  • Quickly and simply collects medium-sized nuts
  • High quality construction


  • Not suitable for oversized nuts and acorns

If you are looking for the best quality tool for cleaning acorns, then pay attention to this product from the reliable company Garden Weasel. It has been highly recognized in the market for such products since 1974. Instead of raking fallen nuts by hand in your yard, try this unique nut gatherer. It collects a large number of medium-sized nuts and acorns at a time. No more inclines to collect and throw away! Thanks to its user-friendly design, you can clean without bending, which means that your back will not be hurt after working for a long time. It’s easy at work: You just need to turn it over to the ground and push it in motion, then spread wires apart and throw acorns out.

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The Best Rake for Acorns

Sometimes you may find it difficult to choose the right rake for acorns. We decided to make this task easier and would like to provide you with a rating of the most popular items. By comparing the advantages and disadvantages, you can choose what suits your needs and wishes. Check out our product table below to find out which model we liked best.

Garden Weasel Small Nut Gatherer Rake for Acorns

Garden Weasel Small Nut Gatherer Rake for Acorns
If you need to quickly gather small acorns, your right choice could the Garden Weasel gatherer. Such a tool is convenient and easy to use; you will not feel any fatigue or back pain. Durable steel construction ensures it will last a long time. The Weasel Small Nut Gatherer provides a comfortable handle grip and an easy-to-use release lever for easy removal. By purchasing such a product, you will see that sometimes a simple design offers more benefits.
Technical Specifications:
Durable steel construction
Comfortable handle grip
Durable and easy-to-use rolling tool
Adapted for variety of nuts and objects
Sturdy wires
Reduces back pressure
Easy usage
Can't handle a lot of nuts and acorns
Not for uneven surfaces

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Garden Weasel Large Nut Gatherer Rake for Acorns

Garden Weasel Large Nut Gatherer Rake for Acorns
Another product from the Garden Weasel company is brought to your attention. This tool offers another option for collecting larger nuts, sweet gum balls and even small fruits. It still has a sturdy steel structure and a comfortable handle. You will not feel any discomfort. An ease of use helps to cope with collecting on any surface. This large nut gatherer has quite a few more benefits, as it’s weather resistant, rust resistant and stronger than other similar products.
Technical Specifications:
Steel welded construction
Weather and rust resistant
Comfortable handle grip
Heat-tempered wire cag
Able to pick up larger nuts and objects
Irreproachable work even with intense use
Sturdy collecting cage
Does not require much effort
Small cage to collect

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Rake for Acorns - Large Nut Wizard

Rake for Acorns - Large Nut Wizard
The Large Nut Wizard is a tool for collecting nuts, fruits, and seeds, and it was designed to make picking more efficient and easier. You don’t have to make much effort; just push the gatherer in front of you with the help of a long wooden handle. Thanks to the design, it’s easy to maneuver and avoid pain in your back and joints. In addition, both man and woman, regardless of age, can easily manage and clean the tool. The Large Nut Wizard can be an ideal helper for work in different areas.
Technical Specifications:
Includes dumper tool
Consists of three parts: cage, frame and pillar
Durable, heavy grip due to wooden handle
Great steel cage for collectin
Able to collect even large fruits
No pressure on the back
Equally suitable for men and women, despite ag
Not suitable for cleaning sweet gumballs

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Garden Weasel 95404 Nut Gatherer, Large, Red/Silver

Garden Weasel 95404 Nut Gatherer, Large, Red/Silver
This type of rake for acorns has several advantages. One of them is the ease of use. In order to collect everything, you only need to roll it on the surface by moving it back and forth. Compared to the traditional rake, you will spend much less time cleaning the area. The steel construction of the cage will ensure long use. The wire is heat-tempered and tough. It not only helps to collect nuts and acorns, but also maintains the shape of the instrument.
Technical Specifications:
Comfort-grip handle with hook
Tempered steel wire cage
Durable welded construction
Lifetime warrant
Picks up a variety of nuts and objects
Easy to operate
Has high durability
Doesn’t work well on rough lawns
Not able to collect small nuts

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SANDEGOO Garden Medium nut gatherer

SANDEGOO Garden Medium nut gatherer
The Sandegoo Garden Gatherer has a quality structure, resistant to rust and weathering. You can easily do gardening using this tool. The sturdy construction includes carbon steel, a comfortable grip with a hook and a wire cage that retains its shape for long periods of use. Due to its size, it is easy to cope with a variety of nuts and acorns, as well as small fruits. It is rust and moisture resistant and more durable than ever. You can be sure of quality, confirmed by guarantees.
Technical Specifications:
Robust welded carbon steel construction
Rust and moisture resistant
Lifetime warranty is included
Perfect for picking fruits
Easy to use
Lightweight design
Included pole is quite flimsy
Fragile binding

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Turbine Ind 901 Rolling Rake for Acorns

Turbine Ind 901 Rolling Rake for Acorns
This Rolling NutGatherer is made of hand-tensioned wire springs with handles made of metal and wood. It has a lighter weight compared to similar products. Thanks to its construction, it can lift nuts even in tall grass. The basket is easy to fill and clean. Despite the fact that this tool is made in China, it has a very good build quality. If you do not want to spend a high amount for a purchase, then Turbine Rolling Nut Gatherer may be your best option.
Technical Specifications:
Wheel made of drawn wire spring
Wooden handle
Easy using
Lightweight construction
Easily turns in different directions
Plastic parts are not very durable
Short handle
Doesn't grab a lot of nuts

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Rolling Nut Harvester Ball Picker Rake for Acorns

Rolling Nut Harvester Ball Picker Rake for Acorns
This tool can claim the title of best rake to use for acorns due to its advantages. It saves time and effort, and is designed for a good grip of nuts. In this case, you do not need to constantly bend down and kneel to collect everything. This collector structure helps to reduce back pressure and makes work more comfortable. Ease of use is really high; for high-quality collection you need only a little pressure, so a person of any age will cope with it.
Technical Specifications:
Comfortable handle
A protective powder coat finish
Stainless-steel basket
User-friendly design
Has multifunctional use
Quick and easy pick-up
Very easy to use
Not suitable for collecting small nuts

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Rake for Acorns – Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best rake for acorns? Well, we will help you make a good choice for your homestead land maintenance.

Oak trees can be a wonderful decoration for the area, due to its views with wide branches and large crowns. This provides excellent protection against heat and sunlight in summer, but turns into a real headache in the fall, when leaves and acorns begin to fall. In addition to the unpleasant appearance of the yard, acorns attract various rodents, such as rabbits, rats and squirrels. They destroy garden crops, leaving holes in the soil. Hence, the collecting of the entire crop takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, severe pain can occur in the back and knees, as people must bend down to collect them. Now you can avoid it by using modern tools. Take a look for a bow rake for acorns with a convenient design. It has long comfortable handles that relieve tension from the back. Besides, cells of different sizes can collect nuts, acorns and even fruits. This is a simple, classic tool that significantlyfacilitates the care and the cleanliness of the yard.

How to choose rake for acorns

The market is full of a huge variety of garden tools. However, to choose the best type of rake for acorns, you must first determine the work you are up against. If you need to remove small acorns and nuts, then you can choose a small cage. For larger fruits, such as different types of nuts and fruits, there are options with larger cells. Regardless of the manufacturer you prefer, pay attention to the number of features when choosing a rake:

  • Material quality

The basket should be made of durable carbon steel, which will be resistant to corrosion, moisture and various weather conditions. This will ensure long operation, a good grip of acorns and nuts during the work, and at the same time, it will not bend or deform.

  • Length and quality of the handle

Pressure on the back and joints can be reduced by the proper length of the handle and its good grip. You don’t have to constantly bend down to collect or discard the contents, and doing that over and over will bring you pain. You can do the work while standing on your feet.

  • Basket size

You must always consider what exactly you will collect. For each type of acorn, nut or even fruit, it is possible to choose a basket of convenient proportions. The characteristics will indicate the size and recommendations for use.

The best rake to use for acorns should have high rates, quality assembly and have a guarantee for use. The search for a well-made product is quite simple, many manufacturers offer quality products that have been tested for years. Among them are Garden Weasel, Holt’s Nut Wizard, Orientool, etc.

How to use rake for acorns

You may have some questions about using a rake for pine needles before you buy. Do not worry. It is a completely simple and reliable tool to use. To pick nuts or fruits, you just need to put the basket on the ground and roll it back and forth several times with a little pressure. Thanks to the convenient handle, there is no need to bend over and pick up the leftovers. When the basket is full, you just need to spread the wires apart and remove the contents into a bucket.

In order to keep your tool in working condition for as long as possible, do not forget to clean it in time from the debris and leaves that could remain inside. Also, do not leave the rake for grass in the open air, especially in rainy weather.


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Rake for Acorns: FAQs

Why should I use acorn collectors instead of my hands?

Garden tools are designed to relieve stress and provide quick work. When you try to collect fallen fruits or acorns, you may suffer from pain in the joints and muscles. Thanks to a rake, the collection process is much easier.

On what surface would an acorn rake work best?

In most cases, the rake copes well on any surface. But for better work, they are used to gather acorns in grass with leaves, soil and fine gravel. This guarantees the best result. As for a flat concrete surface, they might have a weaker grip and leave a lot of acorns behind.

Where else can this tool be used for?

Modern nut gatherers have multifunctional uses and offer many benefits. In addition to collecting different kinds of nuts and acorns, these tools can easily collect middle sized fruits, golf and tennis balls.

Should I buy a rake with a plastic roller?

Such kinds of rakes are not a good choice to buy. Although they have a pleasant aesthetic appearance, they do not have the necessary strength for this work. Such rollers will not withstand long and hard use.

Who can use a rake for acorns?

The design of this tool is quite simple. This is the handle to which the basket is attached. For control and collection, it is only necessary to push back and forth with a little pressure, and then empty the basket by spreading the wires. Therefore, this can be used by a person of any gender and age.


With innovative tools, you can enjoy your favorite hobbies, such as gardening and other agricultural activities. And in order to keep your yard clean, you can use a rake. No more physical pain or tedious long work; now gathering will take only a few minutes. In our article, we tried to analyze the most popular models, and highlighted the main advantages and disadvantages. We hope that this information can facilitate your choice when purchasing this indispensable and universal assistant.

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