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Top 8 Best Stirrup Hoe (2021 Review)

To complete any job perfectly, you need the best tools, and gardening is no different. Selecting the right gardening tools can help save time and money, and can significantly reduce fatigue, especially when you’re using hand tools, such as a stirrup hoe.

Best Stirrup Hoe But what exactly is a stirrup hoe, and what is it used for? Unlike other conventional gardening hoes, a stirrup hoe has round sides, a round top, and a flat rectangular sharp blade. Also known as a hula hoe, an action hoe, and an oscillating hoe, it is used for weeding and cultivating land. To help you find the best stirrup hoe, we’ve reviewed some of the top models available today. Let’s get started!

#1 Stirrup Hoe

Hoss Stirrup Hoe

Hoss Stirrup Hoe

This stirrup hoe by Hoss makes it easy for users to remove weeds and cultivate between plants. Its high-end construction ensures that it will last a long time and will be passed on from generation to generation.

The tool’s functionality and strength make it incredibly versatile and ideal for several different gardening applications. It can be used as a precision-weeding tool to remove weeds that grow along rows and between plants. The rounded blade enables users to work close to plants without digging out and damaging the roots or foliage. The stirrup hoe is further ideal for heavier applications, including clearing large, heavily-weeded patches. It can also be used to maintain the borders of garden beds.

Featuring a spring steel blade, a 60″ ash handle, and a powder-coated steel frame, this model is manufactured in the USA. The steel blade is extremely sharp and capable of eliminating any weed that comes in the path of the stirrup hoe. Best quality blade can also be rotated 20 degrees in both directions, allowing users to cultivate and weed by simply making a push-and-pull motion—all in all, its the best-rated stirrup hoe on our list.
Top Features

  • Handle measures 60″ in length
  • Spring steel blade measures 6″
  • Blade can oscillate 20 degrees in both directions


  • Unique square peg design ensures stability and durability
  • Handle is ideal for all heights
  • Waxed handle prevents cracking and peeling over time
  • Steel blade does not need to be sharpened


  • Assembly is a bit poor

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Types of Stirrup Hoes

All hoes are designed with the same purpose and structure – a handle with a blade, stirrup, or paddle at the end, usually at a particular angle to the handle. However, this basic design has a few variations, and its important to know what each type is best for.

Draw or paddle Stirrup Hoe

Also known as a planter or a chopping hoe, this is the basic garden hoe for weeding. The end of the handle has a small, rectangular paddle that’s angled at 90 degrees. It’s ideal for dislodging weeds by the roots or mounding and shaping soil.

Stirrup Stirrup Hoe

Also called a loop or shuffle hoe, this unit features an attachment that’s similar to a stirrup on a saddle. While a paddle hoe is used by making a chopping or pulling motion, a stirrup hoe is used by making a back-and-forth motion. This helps in digging out stubborn weeds without damaging and displacing soil.

Onion or collinear Stirrup Hoe

The blade or paddle of this hoe is long and thin. The blade rides parallel to the soil, making it ideal for weeding in narrow spaces. The particular angle of the blade further allows users to use the hoe without bending over, reducing the strain on the back.


The Best Stirrup Hoe

When it comes to landscaping and gardening, selecting the best stirrup hoe is essential. However, with such a wide range of models, choosing one can become overwhelming. To help you make the decision, we’ve reviewed some of the stirrup hoes available today.

Short on time? You can check out our product table below to see which model we liked best!

The top best product [hide]

Hoss stirrup hoe

Hoss stirrup hoe
This stirrup hoe by Hoss is perfect for edging and weeding. Its 6" steel blade has been sharpened on both sides, so you won't have to sharpen it yourself. The blade also oscillates or rocks 20 degrees in both backward and forward directions, enabling users to cut weeds in either direction. The model further features an innovative square peg design, making it one of the most sturdy and durable stirrup hoes available in the market today. Its long handle is also ideal for all heights. The handle is further waxed to prevent cracking and peeling over time. Lastly, the model's powder-coated steel frame is manufactured in the USA, ensuring that it will last you a long time.
Technical Specifications:
Manufactured with a 6" steel blade
60" handle is constructed with ash wood
Has a unique square peg design
High-end construction ensures durability, reliability, and longevity
Incredibly versatile hoe can be used for a wide range of gardening applications
Allows users to cut weeds in both backward and forward directions
Extremely easy to use
Bolts and tool frame may be assembled incorrectly

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Arcadius Garden Oscillating Cultivator Stirrup Hoe

Arcadius Garden Oscillating Cultivator Stirrup Hoe
The Arcadius Garden weeding hoe is ideal for loosening soil and cultivating and weeding around plants. It's designed with an innovative triangular-shaped head that ensures durability, reliability, and longevity. The blade further has sharpened edges, enabling users to penetrate the tough, hard ground with reduced effort. This miniature size Hula Ho is also perfect for raised and cultivated bed plantings. It is very heavy duty and helps save time. Lastly, the head can also be attached to old handles, allowing gardeners to use it in areas that don't require close-in work. However, some users stated that the blade was dull and difficult to use.
Technical Specifications:
Designed with a triangular-shaped head
Hardwood handle measures 14-inches
Miniature size stirrup hoe
Durable head will last a long time
Penetrates tough ground easily
Perfect for small weeding around plants
Shorter handle means users need to bend down
Blade might be dull

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AMES Mini Action Stirrup Hoe

AMES Mini Action Stirrup Hoe
The Ames Mini Action Hoe uses a back and forth or push-pull motion to dig up and cut weed roots that are growing deep under the surface. The handle is designed with a gel grip to ensure a firm grip and provide maximum comfort. Since the handle is constructed with wood, it is also lightweight and sturdy. This model is ideal for weeding round or rectangular pots, vegetable gardens, and flower beds. Its sharp blade quickly and easily undercuts the weeds, making it easier for users to shake out the dirt. It also cuts through packed soil easily, digging up weeds and aerating the soil. Lastly, the long handle enables gardeners to use the hoe without bending over. Although the AMES Mini Action Hoe is perfect for cultivating around growing plants, some users felt that its head should be larger.
Technical Specifications:
Handle is manufactured with wood
Measures 14 inch in length
Has a gel grip
Gel grip makes the hoe comfortable to use
Can cut weeding time in half
Hardwood handle is strong and durable
Triangular-shaped head quickly cuts weeds below the surface
Head could be larger
Bit pricier than other models

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Hoss 12" Oscillating Stirrup Hoe

Hoss 12
This oscillating hoe by Hoss is designed with a spring steel blade and a powder-coated steel frame. The durable and heavy-duty blade is sharpened on both sides, allowing users to cut through the thickest weeds. Along with being similar in design to a scuffle hoe, stirrup hoe, or a hula hoe, this unit also boasts a hinged 20-degree action that enables gardeners to cut weeds in both backward and forward directions. This Hoss hoe is perfect for weeding between and along garden rows. It's also ideal for traditional summer crops that have wider row spacing. Its spring steel blade further offers shallow cultivation, enabling users to weed close to plants without digging up or damaging their roots. All in all, if you're looking for the best price on stirrup hoe, then you don't need to look any further!
Technical Specifications:
Handle measures 12" in length
Designed with a steel frame and a spring steel blade
Blade oscillates 20 degrees in both backward and forward directions
Perfect for weed prevention
Powder-coated steel frame is built to last a long time
Digs out weeds with minimal soil disturbance
Can be attached to wheel hoe easily
Blade could be sharper
Wheel hoe needs to be purchased separately

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Wolf-Garten RFM Weeder

Wolf-Garten RFM Weeder
This push-pull weeder by Wolf-Garten allows users to quickly change tools with one-click, eliminating the need for filling your garage with large, space-consuming long-handled tools. To use the push-pull weeder, you just need to move the blade in a back and forth motion below the soil level. Its double-edged wavy blades dig and cut through soil effortlessly and quickly while self-sharpening with each stroke at the same time. Designed with side guards, the Wolf-Garten hoe also allows users to work close to plants without destroying their roots. Lastly, the fast action hoe uses a strong Multi-Star snap-lock handle connection, making it compatible with all multi-change handles.
Technical Specifications:
Tool head is 6" wide
Designed with a double serrated blade
Constructed with cold-rolled and zinc-coated steel
Zinc-coated steel is rust-resistant
Backed by a 10-year warranty
Can be easily used without kneeling or sitting
Cuts weeds off quickly and easily
Might not work in rocky or dry soil
Handle needs to be purchased separately

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Sophie Conran Ergo Stirrup Hoe

Sophie Conran Ergo Stirrup Hoe
The Sophie Conran Ergo Hoe boasts an innovative design that helps prevent accidental slicing of valuable and healthy plants. A super sharp head sits on the inside of the unit's head, making it easy for gardeners to work through even the toughest and most hardened of soils. The unit's unique shape and angle further make cultivating and weeding extremely easy, even in the driest of soils. Users just need to drop the blade into the soil and pull the unit towards them. The brass ferrule ensures a secure connection, while the waxed beechwood handle provides a firm and comfortable grip.
Technical Specifications:
Handle is constructed with waxed FSC beech wood
Has a stainless steel head
Designed with a brass ferrule
High-end construction ensures durability and longevity
Easily digs through the toughest of soils
Unique design prevents accidental slicing of plants
Incredibly easy to use
Not suitable for use in heavy soil

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Wolf-Garten RFM10 Push/Pull Weeder

Wolf-Garten RFM10 Push/Pull Weeder
This multi-change tool head is designed with a wavy dual-edge that works in a forward and backward motion, digging out weeds below the soil level. It also features sideguards that allow users to work close to plants without damaging their roots. It's further backed by a 35-year guarantee, showing the company's confidence in its products. Moreover, this model boasts a thin, ground serrated cutter manufactured with high quality steel. This design allows push and pull weeding on sandy and firm subsoil, making weed control easier than with other hoes. However, it is not suitable for tougher weeds.
Technical Specifications:
Has a working width of 10cm
Blade is manufactured with high quality steel
Tool head can be used with all multi-change handles
Comes with a 35-year guarantee
Sideguards prevent users from damaging growing plants
Can be used with all multi-change handles
High quality design will last a lifetime
More expensive than other models
Blade could be sharper

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Flexrake 1000L Hula-Ho Weeder

Flexrake 1000L Hula-Ho Weeder
The Flexrake Hula-Ho is an updated version of the traditional stirrup hoe. Similar to the stirrup hoe, the self-sharpening and heat-treated blade works beneath the soil's surface. The back and forth motion of the hoe effortlessly cuts weeds at the roots, while the soil and weeds combine to create a healthy mulch. This model also has the added advantage of moving back and forth, keeping the blade at a certain angle to ensure maximum weed destruction with minimum effort. While the blade is self-sharpening, it's not ideal for use in rocky or heavy soils.
Technical Specifications:
54" high quality hardwood handle
Heat-treated and high- carbon wiggle blade
Self-sharpening blade is replaceable
Cuts through large areas of weeds easily and quickly
Lightweight handle makes it comfortable to use for senior gardeners as well
Heat-treated blade is very durable
Replacements are available if the head gets damaged
Blade is attached to the handle with only two small screws
Doesn't perform well in rocky and heavy soils

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Stirrup Hoe – Buying Guide

Since a hoe is designed with only two parts, you might be wondering if it’s important to follow a buying guide. Although a stirrup hoe only features two parts, there are several other features you need to consider when choosing a quality model.

With such a wide range of hoes available today, choosing the best one is difficult and time-consuming. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The stirrup hoes are those that best suit your requirements. So, before you hit the market, make sure you go through the buying guide given below:

Cutting head size

All stirrup hoes are designed with a different type of cutting head. The size of the head is extremely important as it determines how deep the hoe can dig into the soil. However, large head size can damage the crop’s root, so make sure you consider how deep you’re going to dig before purchasing a stirrup hoe.

Blade material of stirrup hoes

The blade is, arguably, the most important feature to consider when buying a stirrup hoe. If you choose a unit with a blunt blade, it will not be effective. It’s advisable to buy quality steel blades that can handle even the toughest jobs. The blade should also be large and sharp, so your workload is low. A high quality blade will stay sharp for a long time, and will not require any additional work on your part.

Handle of stirrup hoes

Nowadays, most stirrup hoes are either designed with a fiberglass handle or a wooden handle. Both materials are a good choice as they’re sturdy and lightweight. Make sure that the model you choose has a handle that’s solid and easy to hold. Since you’re going to be making a chopping or pulling motion, you’re going to need a handle that won’t break easily. Also, make sure that the handle is lightweight, so you don’t injure your back when using it.

All hoe handles don’t have the same length as they’re designed for people with different heights. If you’re a tall person, don’t choose a hoe that has a short handle such as a wheel hoe. Make sure you pick a handle that best suits your height, so you can comfortably use it for extended periods of time.

Warranty of stirrup hoes

Another factor to consider when purchasing a stirrup hoe is the warranty it comes with. It’s advisable to choose a model that’s backed by a warranty. A one-year warranty is enough for an average model, but it’s better to go for a unit that has two to three years of warranty, or a lifetime warranty.

Versatility of stirrup hoes

The stirrup hoes offer the ability to perform several different landscaping and gardening jobs without requiring users to constantly switch from one tool to the other. It’s better to choose a unit that can handle digging, weeding, and prepping the garden for planting. A quality stirrup hoe will help users complete multiple outdoor projects.

Budget for the purchase of stirrup hoes

Budget is an important factor that shouldn’t be ignored when picking a gardening tool. If you’re planning on buying a high-end hoe, you’re going to need a big budget. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then a high-end model might not be suitable.

Make sure that the stirrup hoe is not too cheap or too expensive. If it’s too cheap, then it probably won’t last a long time. Similarly, some expensive hoes will just blow away your money. There are several hoes available today that have similar quality and features as expensive models but are much more affordable.

Stirrup Hoe - FAQs

Do I need different types of hoe?

If you're a farmer and spend a lot of time in the field, then you definitely need different types of hoe to achieve maximum results. This is because different hoes are designed to meet different criteria.

What is a hoe handle made of?

Hoe handles are constructed with several different materials, including metal, composite metal, and wood.

Which hoe to use?

A draw hoe is ideal for pulling out soil from the garden, while a scuffle hoe is used to scratch the soil. If you want to pull out weeds, then a stirrup hoe is the best choice.

Which is the best head size?

The best head size is one that perfectly suits your needs. However, a small head size is better for tight plants.

How to sharpen a stirrup hoe?

  • File the blade's outside edge at a sharp angle of around 30 degrees.
  • Use the file's mild side to remove any burrs or nicks from the blade's inside edge.
  • Use the mild side of the file to finish off the blade's outside edge.


The best stirrup hoe is one that’s efficient and flexible. With the right stirrup hoe, you can quickly and easily weed your garden. All the aforementioned models are easy to use and make weeding a breeze. Make sure you go through all the models to find one that best suits your needs!

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